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My Team Canada

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A lot of people are picking their Canadian Olympic hockey team, so I thought I would give my input. rn First I will start with the forward lines;rn 1st Line: Tavares-Crosby-Stamkos (If he is healthy by Sochi) rn2nd Line: Getzlaf-Toews-Perry rn3rd Line: Couture-Thornton-Giroux rn4th Line: Sharp-Bergeron-Duchene rnExtras: Hall and St. Louis rn I tried to spit up the lines fairly by adding skill, defense, and as much grit as you can have on an Olympic team. I also tried to put in some familiar faces on each line for chemistry. As much as I try to balance the lines, the idea of having Crosby, Tavares and Stamkos on one line was too tempting to resist.rn Now to the D;rn 1st Pairing: Weber-Pietrangelorn 2nd Pairing: Letang-Doughtyrn 3rd Pairing: Keith-Seabrook rnExtras: Subban and PhaneufrnrnFor me, these defensive pairings were a no-brainer. Putting Weber and Pietrangelo together was a match presented on a golden platter by the hockey gods; the perfect combination of offense and shutdown D. Keith and Seabrook are partners on the Blackhawks and too dynamic together to leave off the team. rn Wrapping up with the Goalies; rn Price rn Luongo rnSmithrnMy picks here are not in any particular order although I think that Price could very well earn the starting job. rnrnWe'll see tomorrow how the team shakes out.
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