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Big Win on the Road

Posted 7:20 AM ET | Comments 0
The Flyers just pulled off probably the biggest win of the season against the Islanders today. I think I speak for most Flyers fans when I say it's about time they got a win, especially in blowout fashion. The Flyers needed goals, and badly. Up until today, the boys were having trouble scoring more than one goal per game. The Flyers have definitely been lacking scoring lately and it was exciting to see this offensive firepower that we know they have. Giroux told the media the Flyers have to show up and play hard after the loss to the Canadians and he followed his own instructions today with 2 goals and an assist. It was great to see Giroux energized and making the plays that only he can make. The Flyers did a great job shutting down John Tavares, who is coming off some goal scoring success with a hat trick against the Devils in his last game. The Flyers are now 7-9-1 and end their road trip at Pittsburgh. If the Flyers can pull off a win in Pittsburgh, I think they will be in ok shape and almost back at .500. Bryz has stepped up his play this season and deserved the huge shutout win. It was also nice to see Jake Voracek with 4 assists. All in all, it looks it looks like the Flyers are getting back on track.
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