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100 mile per hour slap shot. Hopefully this will help move us in the right direction. The Flyers are on the road to strengthening their hurting defense in the acquisition of Kurtis Foster. He fills the Flyers need for a sixth defenseman and brings some different skills to the Flyers’ defense. Foster has bounced around the league quite a bit due to injuries which makes me wonder if he will stay healthy enough to help the Flyers on D. On the flip side, he is a good passer and could definitely help on the power play to give Timonen and Coburn some rest. Chris Pronger was known for holding the blue line; he was intimidating and not a player in the NHL wanted to get in his way or on his bad side. I’m not sure if anyone is as mean as Pronger, but I’m hoping that Foster’s size and strength (along with Meszaros, Grossman, Schenn, Timonen and Coburn) will be enough to intimidate their opponents. The Flyers still need to acquire another defenseman, whether through trade or free agency, in order to even begin to call themselves one of the league’s premier defenses.
PK Subban is a restricted free agent and a very talked-about player over the past few days. Perhaps the Flyers will make a bid for him? Eklund writes that Subban has a flashy personality and that some say he’s not a team player. In his blog, Eklund said that just because you have a big personality doesn’t mean you’re not a team player. I agree, but I think that only the players know if he is or not. Personally, I think Montreal will keep him, even with the big salary, but hopefully the Flyers will make it interesting.
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