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On Kronwall and Brown

Posted May 2, 2009
What a crazy start to the second round for the Ducks and Wings. The game featured some great hockey action, and some controversial calls and non-calls. In particular, I am referring to the huge open ice hit on Jiri Hudler by Mike Brown. In my opinion (and also the league), it was a clean hit that ended with Hudler being cut over the eye. It also ended with Brown assessed a 5-minute major for in... Read More »

Battle of California, Volume 1

Posted April 12, 2009
The first edition of the Battle of California is finally here. No two California teams have faced each other in the modern era (since the [b]Sharks [/b]and [b]Ducks [/b]entered the league). The [b]Oakland Seals [/b]faced the [b]Los Angeles Kings [/b]in 1969, the [b]Kings [/b]were victorious in 7 games. This is the run down of all possible playoff series that never happened between the three cur... Read More »
In an effort that deserved a better outcome, the Ducks dropped a big game against a great Eastern team, the Washington Capitals. One game they should have controlled with the defense corps the Ducks have. But who didn't show up? The Defense. Who did show up? Bobby Ryan. BR was great last night against the Caps. With style of play that is reminiscent of Corey Perry, sans all the [url=http://www.... Read More »
Guilty! I'm guilty of promising to blog, and failing to even write one blog since the start of the regular season. Mostly, it's been because I am (was) very busy with work. But my intent was to let the Ducks try to work out any kinks in the works, and try to write a blog at about the 10 game mark. Unfortunately, I was wrong to assume there would be others to fill in with their own blogs, and... Read More »

Ducks Dump OD on Kings

Posted October 1, 2008
[b]Brian Burke[/b] has once again taken a left turn and stunned me. He dealt [b]Sean O'Donnell[/b] to the Kings for what basically amounts to nothing. A 3rd round conditional pick in 2009 [b]IF[/b] the Kings trade O'Donnell this season. If they keep him, the Ducks get nothing. Now, I feel this is decent treatment of O'Donnell. He lives in Hermosa Beach which is close to Los Angeles. He played 6... Read More »

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