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Ducks Dump OD on Kings

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Brian Burke has once again taken a left turn and stunned me. He dealt Sean O'Donnell to the Kings for what basically amounts to nothing. A 3rd round conditional pick in 2009 IF the Kings trade O'Donnell this season. If they keep him, the Ducks get nothing.

Now, I feel this is decent treatment of O'Donnell. He lives in Hermosa Beach which is close to Los Angeles. He played 6 seasons with the Kings up until 2000. It's unfortunate that OD has to go from #1 team in 2007 to #29 team beginning this season. That's a tumble.

With the absence of OD, his partner Chris Pronger will probably skate with Kent Huskins. Or possibly Ken Klee (though I have yet to see him skate and don't remember him much from ATL or COL). We may not know until opening night. And even then, Randy Carlyle is not a "fixed line" kind of guy.

The player that stands to gain the most from this, besides Ken Klee, is Bobby Ryan. Brian Burke mentioned that if a trade couldn't be brokered he could do some things internally to address the $1.25mil Cap overrun that the Ducks were leveled with.

Those "internal" options included sending vaunted 1st round pick Ryan to the minors . Bobby Ryan has a 2 way contract that pays him close to $2million in the NHL, and only $850k in the minors. This could have been used as Band-aid(tm) until a better trade option could be found.

Bobby Ryan has shown better skills since losing 20 pounds over the summer, and is expected to skate along Teemu Selanne and Brendan Morrison.

'Til next time...

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October 1, 2008 11:53 AM ET | Delete
Burke strikes again. Including last season, 3 major giveaways with nothing in return. Next he will giving Getlaf and Giguere away for free. Hey Burke PPPPP - proper planning prevents poor performance.
January 23, 2009 11:18 AM ET | Delete
Would you guys teake Roszival for Pronger.. you save about 1.6 for the next two years plus get a younger faster D man whose game is comming back.
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