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I'm guilty of promising to blog, and failing to even write one blog since the start of the regular season. Mostly, it's been because I am (was) very busy with work.

But my intent was to let the Ducks try to work out any kinks in the works, and try to write a blog at about the 10 game mark. Unfortunately, I was wrong to assume there would be others to fill in with their own blogs, and maybe- just maybe, nobody would notice I was absent.

But the sad part is I noticed the lack of writing.

It sucks.

So now that my job has slowed down a little bit I have more time to write some of the things that are swirling around in my head about the Ducks, Brian Burke, and hockey in general.

So my intent is to write something when I have something to write. Not on a set schedule, or when I have enough to talk about to fill an entire page.

So, just in time, I have something to talk about: Brian Burke. I'll write something up and post it in another blog.

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