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Posted August 27, 2021
What a crock of shit this site and it’s owner is. They’re getting to be as bad as leftist Facebook. EK, are you being paid off? What, if someone doesn’t agree with your bullshit point of view, they’re blacklisted. EK FUCK OFF ( WAH WAH YOU WOULDNT FILL IN FOR US WHEN WE NEEDED A SABRES WRITTER) BTW, plagerizer, you gave my article to hank to rewrite. You didn’t think I could... Read More »

Playing on season’s ice.

Posted August 22, 2021
Ok, so what hasn’t been written about Jack Eichel and his pain in the neck? How much more can one find or create on this lingering subject? So, I’ll write a scenario and you give your opinions. Sounds simple, kiss! Jack returns to play in the upcoming season and plays Jack Eichel hockey, does gmka’s ask go up? Read More »
The Sabres really have nothing to loose by keeping Jack in Buffalo past next year. One of the biggest points I’ve heard around the water cooler was the Sabres losing leverage if they don’t trade Eichel immediately and that would limit what they can get for Eichel because a limited number of teams to deal with. That’s not true my friends, the longer he stays in the 716, the more pressu... Read More »

Sabres lose Owen powers

Posted June 12, 2021
Wouldn’t it be a shame if Owen Powers knows of the poop show in Buffalo and decides to graduate from Michigan? Wouldn’t that make him a free agent at the end of his college career and able to sign anywhere he wants ? Buffalo’s bad luck continues and loses the #1 draft pick for nothing, gmka’s tenure is no better than a steamy pile of Buffalo poop. Has there ever been an nhl team... Read More »

Oil & Buffalos

Posted June 8, 2021
Another top player not happy with his team, Connor McDavid. Could the Sabres land the biggest fish in the pond? It’s possible. August 9th, 1998 The Edmonton Oilers trade The Great one, along with Mike Krushelnyski and McSorley to the L.A. Kings. In exchange, The Oilers receive: Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, 1st rd. Picks in 1989, 1991 and 1993 and $15 million. Here’s today’s eq... Read More »


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