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Posted June 18, 2018
After hearing about the trade of Galchenyuk to the desert dogs I wondered if Montreal was gearing up for something bigger before or on draft day. Montreal needs a solid 1 center and Buffalo needs wingers on the left side, Montreal now has two pieces that Buffalo would love to have; Druin and Max Domi. Do you think an ROR for Druin and Domi could be a possibility? Read More »

In response to “1”.

Posted March 19, 2018
After reading Garth’s blog talking about Don Cherry’s lambasting of Evander Kane misbehaving in Calgary I just had to join in. As a life long Sabres fan I feel the pain of this trade. Evander Kane in my eyes should’ve been hard to acquire and I was in disbelief of what we got in return and the b.s. reason why. I think Don Cherry’s rant about E.K.9 is a perfect example of how media in... Read More »

In the absence of... part 2

Posted February 26, 2018
In the absence of legit management and coaching. Jesus TP, when will you stop hiring jr management who in turn hires a head coach in training who hires a high school coach to help run the team. Is there anyone in the house right now that thinks Chiarelli’s looking like a genius compared to GMJB? Chiarelli at least addressed a team need, GMJB did not. Botteril expects the fan base to... Read More »

In the absence of........

Posted February 15, 2018
Jack Eichel. After the Sabres lost Jack Eichel I posted that we would see what the team’s made of, mostly 3rd and 4th liners, boy am I eating crow and happily! Sorta. While as we know, wins hurt our draft standings, it’s refreshing to see continuity, control and patience. The Buffalo Sabres have been playing their most consistent hockey in about a year, thats usually when the Sabres usua... Read More »

Ouch that hurts!

Posted February 10, 2018
As per no real source Buffalo Sabres franchise player, Jack Eichel will be sidelined 6-8 weeks with a left ankle injury. Ouch! Sabres fans with the loss of Eichel and the impending trade of Evander Kane expect the Sabre submarine to come to rest at the bottom of the NHL sea. Here’s a list of sailors departing for ports beyond leaving holes in the line up next season that wont be easily re... Read More »


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