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Congrats to Owen Powers on his first goal on some superior determination of Jeff “down n out on my knees elite players play” Skinner.

Jeff Skinner, if you can keep this up for a few more seasons, you’ll easily justify your contract.

I have a question to you Jeff, Was Jack that big of a suffocating bumhole?

Again I can’t say enough about Jeff skinners play. We’re getting 23 year old Jeff.
Can you imagine if we had a fresh Dom Hasek in net? As Rick Jeanerette would say “ these guys are scary good”.

There have been some real good highlight reel plays by the young Buffalo Sabres this season. It progressed as the season went along, there’s many happy losing fans giddy about what next season may bring.

I’m a lifetime Sabres fan and I can’t recall when the team had so many player’s breakout at one time. On the defensive side, Dahlin…..Powers…. Jokijaru….Samuelson….. I’ll rank as one of the top young defensive corps in the NHL for years to come. The cores supported by two young, up & coming d-men in Casey Fitzgerald and Jacob Bryson.

On the offensive side I have to ask Kyle Okposo and Jeff Skinner one question,

Who led who to the fountain of youth?

When you have a fourth liner scoring 20 goals on top of two 30+ goal scorers, one in the form of the explosive breakout named Tage Thompson, that speaks volumes and are red flags of a quickly developing line-up that should become playoff contenders next season.
Just think of it, the Sabres play the maple laffs in round one and dispatch them in four for another first round exit.

To the g.m.

Your teams turned a corner and has leveled up and has enough to make even a bigger step if you make the right moves this off season. You and your management team have to come up with a way to lock up most of the team.
I wouldn’t recommend bridge contracts because now’s the time to show the players on the team that management is as committed to “The Team” as the player are.

In three years I don’t want to hear about disgruntled players.


Terry you’re finally getting the team you wanted and they’ll continue to grow if you allow them to. You have a chance to sew up all these good young players. You can keep a roster like before the collective bargaining agreement, in tact if you show your business acumen.

It makes dollars and cents. The team will become more valuable and profitable !

Terry, just think about it, all that extra cash flow I’d be willing to bet that you can get a great deal on a fleet of Russian yachts.
The oligarchs model!
I hear there’s no expense spaired! Imagine watching Sabres and Bills games on one of them!

Btw Terry talk to the mayor, I hear there’s dock-space becoming available at the Navel park.

It’s a shame what’s happening down there but a shiny big Kim yacht would spruce up the waterfront.
Who knows maybe their wealthy friends will want to dock here in the summer then Buffalos millionaire row gets revived by wealthy families actually living in them! Like it was when McKinley got shot.

Roll that beautiful bean footage of mansions.
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