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Early Season Stanley Cup Predictions

Posted October 19, 2013
Although you can still count the number of games played for each team on your hands, I thought I'd give my two cents in what I think will happen in the long run. The Stanley Cup Finals will be the San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings in which SJ wins in 6. (To those that might remember a different prediction on a Toronto blog thread, I rethought it.) Why the Sharks? Because they have no holes at... Read More »

New Jersey Devils Lines and Predictions

Posted September 28, 2013
In preparation for the 2013-14 season, I thought I'd give you an overview of the team I expect to see. Jagr-Henrique-Ryder Elias-Zajac-Brunner Clowe-Loktionov-Zubrus Barch-Bernier-Carter Zidlicky-Volchenkov Greene-Harrold Larsson-Salvador A few notes: -Although the top two lines will probably be shuffled around on the regular basis, I'd like to see Jagr and Henrique together. as well as Bru... Read More »
At 7:00 PM EST the Devils will greet the Isles in their future home at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. For the Devils, this is a very important game: 1.) Today, Schneider has a chance to claim the starting role. Although it will always be said that Brodeur is the #1 goalie, if Schneider displays anything like his game against the Rangers, Brodeur will have to step off. Many Devils fans painfull... Read More »

Jagr Leaves Camp Early. What now?

Posted September 12, 2013
During training camp, today, Jaromir Jagr left early with "soreness". As we know, "soreness" is usually media speak for injury. In the case that he is injured, the Devils have a few options to work with. 1.) Damien Brunner - His name has alredy been worn out, but none the less, he would be a likely replacement if Jagr is predicted to be injured into the regular season. Damien, who in 44 ga... Read More »


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