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A call to suspend Subban

Posted April 16, 2015
By now, in the myriad of news articles and videos; we can all see the damage done and we'll all fall on one side of the fence or another. Here's an idea: Suspend Subban - not the league, but the team. Sure, it's a little bit of a wild notion but it might help clear the air, focus on hockey and show the Senators just how strong the Habs are. 1) The Habs are very deep on defense. There's... Read More »

Bergevin and "hockey" trades

Posted February 27, 2015
DVSP got bumped quickly to the 2nd line last night in Columbus. He didn't do anything too exciting but a couple of nice chances, a few hits and some blocked shots (a -2 doesn't help but) you can't ask for much more in your first game. The starting line is solid. Patches and Gallagher are here, signed up and locked in for a while. We could use an upgrade at top line centre but there's no reason... Read More »

Dale Weise and his first line hold

Posted February 8, 2015
rnrnMinors, majors, up and downs, career 4th liner to top line on one of the best teams in the Eastern Conferece - what has Dale Weise done to get there and stay there?rnrnBrought over in a trade from Vancouver for Raphael Diaz, Weise had been a grinder, sticking his chin into situations attempting to change momentum for his team. Drafted 111th overall in '08 by the Rangers - he played 10 games f... Read More »


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