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The Rangers have the following picks this year:

Round 1: #20
Round 2: #51
Round 3: #75, #81
Round 5: #142
Round 7: #202

The picks from rounds 4 and 6 belong to St. Louis (Backman deal), Los Angeles (Avery deal) and Dallas (Mike Green deal).

I've seen all kinds of ranking sites, so this is a bit overwhelming, but let's see who's available in this draft:

Nikita Filatov
He's been ranked top 5, top 10, top 20, etc, and who knows where he will end up? The NHL and Russia don't have the most amicable relationship, and he could fall like Cherepanov.

Realistically, the Islanders will probably select him with their #5. I wouldn't blame them (but I'd be jealous!).

Filatov's linemates (Anisimov and Cherepanov) are already in the Rangers' system. Anisimov will go to training camp, but most likely play another year in Hartford.. which is fine.. we have too many centers and Cherepanov won't be here until next year.

John Carlson
The Rangers have several defensive prospects in the system, but there have been some injuries that prevented them from getting a good look in the NHL (i.e. Baranka and Sauer).

The Rangers need big d-men. They need someone who can develop into a shutdown role, much like Staal and Girardi.

Carlson is a big boy, and a fellow NJ native. He's ranked around 20 (when you take into account NA and Euro skaters), and I wouldn't be surprised if Sather traded up to a 15-18 spot to get him. I guess he seems more realistic than the #14 ranked Tuebert.

Colby Robak
I've heard his name pop up every now and then. He seems like a future PP QB, but needs to work on his physical game.

Jared Staal
A Staal brother. If he's selected anything later than 35th, I'll be shocked.

I will probably update this with later round selections, but I need to look more into who is available.
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June 9, 2008 4:17 PM ET | Delete
I'de like to see them jump up to Take Filatov, I also like the Minnesota kid who went from foward to D-man...his name slips my mind.
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