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What do you pay for Philip Danault

Posted November 25, 2020
I have to say I have always had a soft spot for Danault. His acquisition is definitely one of the better Bergevin trades. He came from Chicago alongside a 2nd round pick for the likes of Tomas Fleischmann and Dale Weise in a year that the Habs were absolutely atrocious. Both players sent to Chicago had no long term impact for the Habs despite their fairly respected tenure with them. There w... Read More »

Expectations for Toffoli Vs. Anderson

Posted November 15, 2020
Looking at the Habs offseason their focus was to add scoring depth and get tougher. They arguably have done that in Toffoli and Anderson. But what do we expect these two to bring to the table? Lets see how they do: [u][b]Playing a full season:[/b][/u] Toffoli- I don't have much fear with him in this one. He played pretty much full seasons the last three years. He did get knocked out of t... Read More »
I thought this would be fun to see where everyone stands on this. SO, do you think Mathews will go the way of Sundin? A great player who drives and leads play on the ice, but ultimately doesn't win a cup for them? Or is he going to take it home eventually a la Ovechkin. While they are entirely different players, both were stars on their respective teams and were the focus of the franchise.... Read More »
Stud of a year for movement. A lot of excitement for tons of teams. I can't tell you how many times I full on stopped what I was doing to tune in to what was happening. Here are a few of them: 1) [b]THE HABS EXTENDING JOSH ANDERSON FOR A BAZILLION YEARS DESPITE NOT PLAYING A GAME. [/b] It's the sign of a risk taker to give a long term deal to a player who had a good year with you...But 7 to a g... Read More »


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