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No love or attention to some interesting teams, players and events these days. So here they are:


Apparently Florida is only known for the Tampa Bay Lightning and Disney land. There is no such team named after the state. I really don't know what needs to be done for people to talk about them. They are off to their best start historically. Barkov and Huberdeau are both playing fantastic and above PPG. NO ONE has mentioned Chris Driedger and his play. Maybe if they win the cup people will realize they are there.


If he was playing anywhere else people would be screaming about him in every article. Yet hardly a peep. He has amazing hands and a bit of cheekiness to his shot that makes you want to watch where he is at all times. I heard more about Stützle injured then I did Kaprizov scoring goals.


From the beginning of the season up until fairly recently barely anyone ever mentioned any of the divisions by their sponsor name. Yet, almost over night it seems like everyone just took a cue. Now it is almost certainly the "MassMutual East" and not just the "East". I get that people have to use it but I found it eerie how it happened all at once.


Alexis Lafrieniere went first overall. Fact.

He is being currently being outperformed by lower draft picks. Fact.

IT MEANS 0. Fact.

Like Jack Hughes before him, he is struggling a bit to adapt his skill to the game. He will get there as his body catches up to everything. Not every first overall is going to Crosby it, but that doesn't make them a Daigle.


As a Habs fan I of course carry an obligatory dislike for his work against the team. But Damn...The man can still play.

He is 43, I repeat..... 43. He is playing on average 18 minutes a night. That's 18 minutes against kids that are half his age . I get tired opening a jar of peanut butter at 30, and this guy is skating 18 minutes a night. Unbelievable.


At this point I really have to think there is something toxic in this franchise.

This team has been assembling rosters for what feels like forever. Every time they seem to gather a decent bunch or start a year hot; they implode. This years model was no exception. They came into the season looking relatively contender-like only to have the wheels fall off almost instantly. AGAIN.

Is it Eichel? A over involved ownership? Bad tap water in the city? They really need to figure it out. I certainly can't.

So there we have it. 6 things I felt we needed to talk about.

Have any you want to share?
March 17, 2021 4:55 PM ET | Delete
good job and i agree on everything you said.I think Lafrieniere will work out. there is too much talent there to bust.Be great if the Panthers met Tampa in the playoffs.I not a fan of Chara but he is still a great player which is a testament on how great of an athlete he is.(gotta wonder why Boston would let him walk? would they keep him if they could have a do-over?)poor Buffalo. just wow!
March 17, 2021 10:41 PM ET | Delete
Boston let him go because they had i think some cap issues and a glut of other options. Don't know how they feel about it now though, they seem to be doing well enough either way. Just lol to the Sabres though. I feel for their fans.
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