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Texas Stars Win Home Opener 3-2

Posted October 5, 2009
I just wanted to post a few quick thoughts on Saturday night's Texas Stars home opener in Cedar Park. The 1) Nothing against Krahn, but I'm just a huge Climie fan. He's fun to watch. I'm not sure he deserved 1st Star honors, but he was a large part of this win. 2) I was pleasantly surprised to see Brad Lukowich in the Texas Stars lineup. The Canucks apparently had just assigned him to Ced... Read More »
With all of Stars' woes of late, it's amazing that they're still in this hunt at all. But, with a little help from the hockey gods, that eighth seed is still within reach. We've seen this team go on runs this season (both good and bad), so it's not impossible...but it won't be easy. The obvious question, however, is does this team have enough for one last push? And, if they do, what's left i... Read More »


Posted March 22, 2009
They say, "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings." Well, she may not be singing yet, but I saw her warming up backstage. The Stars season is on life support after a dismal road trip through the Northwest. Tack on Richards' broken hand (the OTHER hand) and you couldn't be faulted for scheduling April tee times for the Dallas crew. There is hope, though. (Not much, mind you...I am a realist... Read More »

Who would you want to play?

Posted March 21, 2009
Let's make some big leaps of faith and assume Dallas wins the 8th seed going into the post season. Who would you want to be in that #1 slot for Round One? Here's why I ask: I think most of us would prefer to face San Jose over Detroit, though the Stars have silenced some of those Joe Louis demons this season. So, since that requires the Sharks to overtake the Red Wings in the standings...a Dal... Read More »

Is it now a fight for 8th?

Posted March 21, 2009
What had been a battle for the 7th and 8th seeds in the West now looks more like a fight for 8th, as the Oilers have started pulling away from the pack. There's still time for the Stars to make a push for that 7th spot...but it's looking less likely after Edmonton tacked on points 78 and 79 in their shootout win over the 'Hawks. Do the Stars (at 74 points) have a shot at making the playoffs, o... Read More »

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In order of my spewing hatred (with love): Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks

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Sydor's playoff goal from near-mid ice against the Red Wings...the Cup win in Buffalo (obviously)...being at the playoff game that closed out the Avs where everyone chanted, 'Eddie's Better!'