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Posted May 5, 2011
Should I buy a broom? The overhyped Philadelphia Flyers who are allergic to solid goaltending are on the brink of getting swept out of the second round. Now, the analysts will tell you they saw it coming to where the diehard fan might say different. Me? Once the league figured out BOB, the Flyers were doomed. Boosh is solid back up but not one to carry the load. BOB, still has a lot to... Read More »


Posted March 14, 2011
So far this year it’s been true nightmare for the NHL executives because of the violence that is happening in our sport. First and foremost do we all forget that hockey is a violent sport? In some ways, I think we all forget that notion because of the amount of injuries that is happening this year. Plus, it doesn’t help that some of the injuries are the star players of the game. In rea... Read More »

Blind Side Hits

Posted October 13, 2010
Just a quick hit this morning in reference to the latest blind side hits. Ryan Miller wants the league to send a message to let all the players know that blind side hits should not be tolerated anymore. I applaud his stance on the subject. What I have an issue about is that the league can fine, suspend all of the players but in the end the players themselves have to learn to police themselv... Read More »


Posted June 10, 2010
Throughout these playoffs, I have read time and time again how this team doesn’t match up with this team and that team has better depth than this team. In the end, it’s the game itself and how it’s played. I for one like to see the game played 5 on 5, I don’t want to have the game tarnished by seeing a winning goal scored on the Power Play. Even if it’s my team that scored it... Read More »


Posted March 9, 2010
As I have discussed this with another HB blogger (Ice), we are on the same page in reference to Cooke. As Ice noted in the larger sense what needs to end is the INTENT from the players. We can also throw in the lack of respect that the players have for each other as well. I originally mentioned INTENT because in all the hits the intent appears to be to injure the player not just take him off... Read More »


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