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Blind Side Hits

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Just a quick hit this morning in reference to the latest blind side hits.

Ryan Miller wants the league to send a message to let all the players know that blind side hits should not be tolerated anymore. I applaud his stance on the subject.

What I have an issue about is that the league can fine, suspend all of the players but in the end the players themselves have to learn to police themselves. They have to learn to control themselves. Where is the NHLPA on this issue?

Why haven't the reps from each team bring this issue up with their team?

As much as it's a league wide problem, it's a player problem because they play the game.

So, I would advise Mr. Miller to bring the issue up with his own association because we have seen the league will only do so much.

Good day everyone.
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Agreed nice post
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I think they should add a line around the boards that if the players are outside the line, then they cannot be driven into the wall. This was a cheap shot and Hjamersen was not trying to bump him off the puck, he was trying to HIT him threw the wall. He should have gotten 10 games for that hit. It was a nothing play and reckless.
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I've mentioned before on, what is the "intent" with each hit? "back in the day", you make a hit to take the guy off the puck not to bury him. these days it's all about the ESPN "hit", if you know what i mean? Stevens, Lindros, Hammerstrom (sp), Richards, Cooke to name a few, it's all about the hit not about getting the puck. Play the puck and be responsible.
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miller for president! lol
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crimsoninja, email me: [email protected]
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