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Phoenix = Pathetic.

Posted October 16, 2009
[i]"The Coyotes managed a sellout in their home opener when all tickets were sold for $25 or less. The team's second home game on Thursday night drew an announced crowd of just 6,899."[/i] - The Canadian Press Here it goes: Give the team to Balsillie, move them to Hamilton and make some money in a healthy location. [b]Phoenix, I'm sure you are a nice city but as an NHL city you are a disgra... Read More »

Predictions 3.0

Posted May 5, 2008
1st round I was: 6/8 2nd round: 2/4 (I missed the whole western conference) So far, i'm at 8/12... not bad. [b]Eastern Conference Finals[/b] [u]2.Pittsburgh VS 6.Philadelphia[/u] WOW! This is going to be a series, whether it's a sweep or goes to Game 7. If the Pens manage to win you have to wonder just how badly they're going to be beaten up before the win and if the Flyers win you have to... Read More »

Here we go again... predictions 2.0

Posted April 23, 2008
1st round I predicted: Montreal in 5 Pittsburgh in 6 Philadelphia in 7 Rangers in 6 Detroit in 6 San Jose in 5 Minnesota in 7 Anaheim in 5 So i got 6/8.. not bad I'd say lol So, here are my 2nd round predictions: [b]Eastern Conference[/b] [u]1.Montreal VS 6.Philadelphia - Philadelphia in 7[/u] Why? The Habs aren't invincible and Flyers battle like crazy. [u]2.Pittsburgh VS 5.Ne... Read More »
Okay sooo here we go... [b]Eastern Conference[/b] [u]1.Montreal VS 8.Boston - Montreal in 5[/u] Why? Bruins will keep playing dead with the Habs. [u]2.Pittsburgh VS 7.Ottawa - Pittsburg in 6[/u] Why? Pens are too much and the Sens are sucking big time. [u]3.Washington VS 6.Philadelphia - Philadelphia in 7[/u] Why? Flyers played HUGE games at the end of the season, better momentum. [u]4.... Read More »


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