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1st round I predicted:
Montreal in 5
Pittsburgh in 6
Philadelphia in 7
Rangers in 6
Detroit in 6
San Jose in 5
Minnesota in 7
Anaheim in 5

So i got 6/8.. not bad I'd say lol

So, here are my 2nd round predictions:

Eastern Conference
1.Montreal VS 6.Philadelphia - Philadelphia in 7
Why? The Habs aren't invincible and Flyers battle like crazy.
2.Pittsburgh VS 5.New York - Pittsburgh in 6
Why? Pens are too much.

Western Conference
1.Detroit VS 6.Colorado - Colorado in 6
Why? Theo is playing great and the Avs have more depth.
2.San Jose VS 5.Dallas - San Jose in 6
Why? Sharks will be able to do what the Ducks didn't.


This would make the next round:

Eastern Conference
2.Pittsburgh VS 6.Philadelphia
Western Conference
2.San Jose VS 6.Colorado

Alright, so here we go!
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April 23, 2008 12:48 PM ET | Delete
The "experts" didn't think the Flyers would make it past round 1...(even though they had the better record in the tougher division)...Montreal is not invincible...Price is talented but scoring hasn't been an issue for us so far...forget the regular season...it doesn't matter now...we have a steady team and a steady goalie...it may take all seven games but i think we can pull it out...Elsewhere...may the Penguins get all the cheap shots they handed out to us (in the last too regular season games...) and then some...I'm sure Avery is the man for the job. I wish the Rangers the best of luck because they will definately struggle with the ref-protected Crosby....there will be many many penalties...Rangers in 7.San Jose pulled it out in the end but they've been very inconsistent along the way. Dallas on the other hand has played well consistently...including Marty Turco who was phenomenal first round. I see goal tending being the biggest factor in this series. Between Nabokov and Turco this will not be a very high scoring series. Prediction: Stars in 6.Ah Colorado...with Sakic, Forsberg, and Foote...i'm starting to feel like i'm having deja vu. They're up against the top goaltending duo in the league, though. As much as I may like the Avs and dislike the Red Wings...I think this one is going to Detroit. Prediction: Detroit in 5
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