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Burrowing Under Your Skin

Posted February 24, 2008
For the Canuck fans who follow them tenaciously you've most likely noticed that Alexander Burrows has been a marked man all year. There's always extra pushes and face rubs whenever he's on the ice. Cooke and Kesler are normally the agitators when it comes to trying to get temper tantrums flaring but this year it's Burrows who's the prime agitator. Every team needs a player like this, someone y... Read More »

Time to Get Malkinated

Posted February 24, 2008
Malkin's torrid pace since Sid the Kid went down has been nothing short of super power induced. It's been obvious his production up until then has been the ability to not be matched up versus the top checking lines of other teams and also be sided with Sid who draws most of the paranoia by opposing defenses. But thrust into the 1st line center position it was immediately thought that Malkin would... Read More »


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