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"The Blueshirt Perspective"
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Winter Classic...with Cheese

Posted November 10, 2011
Are you syked for the Winter Classic? I'm not particularly. It's a distraction in a season that's already had its share. If the league wants to create a holiday spectacle...it shouldn't have any bearing on the standings. I'm just sort of "outdoor-gamed" out. Snow....rain...fog....bad ice...HBO.....fedoras.....vintage white uniforms.....the novelty was worn thin on me. I know.....I know....I'm... Read More »
What did Slats see that Lou didn't? This guy was at Devil's camp and couldn't crack their lineup. Really? Have you watched the Devil's transition game? Surely they could use another cheap puck moving d-man. Given McDonagh's rapidly expanding offensive prowess and Del Zotto's return to form (well.....close enough) was it really necessary to burn $900k on this guy? Who sits? Both Emminger and Wo... Read More »

Visors should be mandatory...

Posted November 10, 2011
....at the option of the team management. For the life of me I cannot understand this debate. Team management determines a course of training for its players, diet, game plans, travel plans. etc. Why should they not have a say in protection? Let's not be naive here. Players are "assets" with values that affect the balance sheets of their teams. The salary cap only emphasizes this. Management... Read More »

Snake Eyes

Posted August 25, 2009
I still believe the Rangers are in for another major move. Sather is just lying in the tall grass waiting to strike. Slithering around. Waiting for other deals to fall apart. From what I've read, the hang-up with Dubinsky's deal seems to be term NOT money. Why would they be afraid to give him a 3 or 4 year deal? Shouldn't he be a building block? Despite the cap issues, I get the feeling that Sath... Read More »

It's Good That Mess Is Back...Right?

Posted August 20, 2009
No question....Mark Messier is one of the most important personalities in the New York hockey landscape. No question....a lot of players could learn a lot from Messier about playing the game and commitment. No question.....he'd make a great coach/executive. Well....there may be a few....or more. Let me preface my thoughts by saying that it is good to have Messier back not only in the gam... Read More »


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About Me

Favorite Teams

Rangers, Most Canadian teams because of the level of enthusiasm of their fans.

Most Hated Teams

I don't hate the Islanders...they are sadly irrelavent. I hate the Flyers. I'm jealous of the Devils (not the Cup wins as much as their stability...they're always in the mix.)

Favorite Players

Of all-time: Graves, Leetch, Richter....currently....I hate to love Ovechin...but how can you not? You got to admire his skill and passion. He's the player I most fear playing my team.

Most Hated Players

Of all-time: Bobby Clarke (or anyone in a Flyers uniform), Brian Trottier, Billy Smith, a bunch of less talented Devils.

Best Hockey Memories

(1994 game 7 conference final against NJ). My buddy hugged me so hard he broke my glasses. Got engaged to my wife the night the Rangers eliminated the Caps in 1994. Waited for the game to end to pop the question. I still would have proposed had they lost but possibly not that night.

My Hockey Teams

Played a lot of street hockey.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

a palate of bricks. I was most known for my shot-blocking ability. always had my wallet strategically placed on my body and had the uncanny ability to will shots toward it.

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

I read by team more than author. Rangers, Islanders, Devils and all canadian bloggers.

Favorite Websites

Hockeybuzz, TSN, Newsday - Blue Notes (Steve Zipay's blog)