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Sydor Traded

Posted November 17, 2008
Sydor has been traded and I should have seen that coming wiwth his being a healthy scratch so often, as of late. Sydor had to waive his NTC for the trade to go through. In exchane the Pens get Phillipe Boucher, who like Sydor, is in the last year of a a 2.5 million contract. Boucher is -4 and has 3 points in 16 games this season. Hopefully, this will be just enough of a shake-up to boost the t... Read More »


Posted October 5, 2008
Sorry for the delay. I lost my internet conneection on Friday and just got it back. Stockholm Game One: This was a great way to open the season. It was a tough game and I was basically pleased with the Pens performance. Our power play needs a little more time to gel. With recently losing Gonchar to injury and this season now havin Staal taking Malone's old spot in front of the net, there i... Read More »
Well, this was a hard night for the Penguins. This was the first home loss since February 24th. This game was frustrating to watch, as a Pens' Fan, though I am sure the Wing's Fans loved at least the final two periods. The Penguins were deflated at the end of this game, as a group. One positive was in the post game press conferences, hope could still be heard in Sidney Crosby's voice. He seem... Read More »

Game 4: Preveiw

Posted May 15, 2008
Tonight is game 4 of the series against the Flyers. The Pens enter the game up 3-0 and tonigiht could be the possible sweep. It will not be an easy game by any means. The Flyers will not go down without a fight, especially at home. Tonight will be a battle with these two teams and such animosity between them, it could get ugly. The Flyers are fightinig to stay alive and everyone looked at the... Read More »
Well, this game was more physical than the last, but the Pens still came out with the win. Crosby, Hossa, Talbot and Staal had the Pens' goals. The disallowed goal looked to be over the line after I saw the replay, when I got home, but the word from Toronto was that it was unclear if the entire puck crossed the line. You canot tell for sure, but it had to have been. It turns out that the goal... Read More »

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