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Sorry for the delay. I lost my internet conneection on Friday and just got it back.

Stockholm Game One:
This was a great way to open the season. It was a tough game and I was basically pleased with the Pens performance. Our power play needs a little more time to gel. With recently losing Gonchar to injury and this season now havin Staal taking Malone's old spot in front of the net, there is a lot to adjust to.
The game was an OT win with the score 4-3. Kennedy had two goals, including the game-winner, and Malkin and Scuderi eachc had one. Fleury seemed to play a fairly good game and I was not disappointed by his performance.

Stockholm Game 2:
This game was tough. It was scoreless for quite some time. It then seemed to go downhill rather quickly. Goligoski got his first NHL goal. The team, as a whole, just had a tough game. I wish it could have been better

Genreal Thoughts:
I don't like having Ruutu on the other team.

Our defense is not as solid as it would be without the injuries and may take a bit of time to get it together.

I am really liking the looks of our new first line.

I love the rule change pertaining to comercials after icing calls. That was a long time coming. Good move NHL.
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