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I do agree that AHL playoff experience can help some of the eligible players, but I don’t think it’s a good idea - just like Bailey not playing for Canada in the WJC. Some of these guys wont gain anything by playing in the AHL playoffs that will directly translate to NHL success. A player like Jesse Joenssou is a different story, the more competitive hockey he plays the better he’ll be.... Read More »
With the first selsction in the 2009 NHL draft the Islanders select...Listen guys/gals there is no guarantee that they will obtain the first selection let alone draft the guy you want.I understand its a bitter sweet process having a good chance at selecting first overall, but it also meens you need more help then that one pick can do for you.That being said it looks like Tavares and Hedman are bo... Read More »
How many fans have to suffer at the fault of owners that just don't get it? Can any one name the owner of the Atlanta Thrashers? - Exactly! - Its actually a group (the Atlanta Spirit LLC) who is still fueding... In the meantime, Ilya K and the gang and the fans get to wallow in the mire while the Atlanta Spirit LLC figures it out. I'd never want to call for anyone's head, but if Tom Renney can ge... Read More »


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