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I do agree that AHL playoff experience can help some of the eligible players, but I don’t think it’s a good idea - just like Bailey not playing for Canada in the WJC. Some of these guys wont gain anything by playing in the AHL playoffs that will directly translate to NHL success. A player like Jesse Joenssou is a different story, the more competitive hockey he plays the better he’ll be.

As for the TAVHEDUCH watch, someone might have to come to the realization that the ISLEs are not the worst in the league. Yes, they are currently in last place but unless someone pulls a Nancy Kerrigan on Yan Dannis, do not be surprised if they dont finish there. If it weren't for all the injuries, they wouldn’t be where they are now.

And please people, when you see yourself saying that this team doesn’t need veteran leadership like Weight, MaCammond or Guerin(not likely) ask yourself this, Who would you rather have loosening up the guys by taking them out to the bar after losing 6 of 8? 19 year old Josh Bailey or a 500 goal scorer like Guerin? What about if the pp is struggling? Can Iggy do a better job, then say, Doug Weight and his 1000+ points? What about when you need a big faceoff win? You feel confident with the Franz? Or would you rather see MaCammond take the slow skate into the circle? Hockey is not just about being young and talented. You need more

You know your in last place when the goal song becomes a hot topic on the blog. I agree with most, it is horrible. It sounds like some outdoor bar band. Here's a suggestion, drop the lights, hit the spotlight and blare the fog horn. Make this barn what it used to be. Make the third jerseys their regular ones and bring this franchise back. oh yea, and please…no not good enough…PLEASE, PLEASE stop the giggity. I love Family Guy just as much as anyone else but it has no place in hockey.

Now let's chat about TAVHEDUCH...Victor Hedman is your typical European player, strong, a good skater, hockey smart and not that physical. Detroit proved you can win with players like that. That being said, the Isles should take Tavares with the first pick if they are selecting there. They need his type of play making ability and touch, not to mention the buzz he will generate. But there is no need to panic if they manage to fall out of the top 2 choices and see Tavares and Hedman go before their choice. I fully believe Garth can go ahead and do the same thing he did last year, which was trade down. Take a look at the rest of the class and look them up yourselves. Don’t just take someones elses advice on how good they can or can’t be http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=11679 There is no problem with Garth trading down and selecting a player like Jordan Schroeder (who i feel is going to be a star in this league) and possibly picking up a #1 next year or two # 2’s, if some other team is real high on Matt Duchene. Remember this is a rebuild year and 1 player doesnt win championships. Remember Dale Hawerchuck,Eric Lindros,Marcel Dionne,Wendel Clark,Phil Housley,Darryl Sittler..you get the idea.
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Great blog mate -I can't remember the last time there was this kind of hype and anticipation surrounding an entry draft :o
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