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Once 8 years of pass after drafting a player and still not seeing him play in any of the teams affiliates, the player slips off your radar and never usually gets back on. It's different with a kid named Ilya Nikulin. He has had never shown up on the stats side of things like most defenseman so I had never cared to follow him or his Russian teams but today I followed his team. That team was the w... Read More »

Thrashers Position Review

Posted April 12, 2009
The season has ended for the Thrashers, with most fans going home dissapointed once again. Some things did improve, but a lot more things stayed broken and I'm here to help good ol' DW out. I'm going to go through the three positions (forward, defense, goalie) and review them, with some other little tid bits as well. So hang on for the ride as this is the first ever Thrashers post - season revie... Read More »
Ilya Kovalchuk is well, a superstar. He can snipe, check and can handle the puck like it's nothing. He's amazed not just Thrasher fans, but Russian people as well with his huge performances with them in the Olympics. People love him everywhere. But with those skills, shouldn't he be winning Stanley Cups? Like I said before, me and all of Thrasher nation loves him, but he deserves a lot more than h... Read More »

Atanta Thrashers - The Goalie Talk

Posted March 18, 2009
The Thrashers have had some shotty goaltending in the early half of the regular season with people doubting the teams goalies. Then Atlanta's main man Kari was sidelined with back issues and then came another question. Could the man known as "Moose" get, and keep this team on track? Well, after a month of continous pressure on the veteran, he ended up with a record that most fans did not like.... Read More »


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