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"Oh Slap Me Silly Sid!"
Pittsburgh, PA • 27 Years Old • Male

Game 2 Rebound: The M.A. Fleury Show

Posted April 15, 2007
What a performance by Fleury. In a game that the Penguins could have easily lost, Marc Andre was the difference. I think his play this afternoon speaks volumes about his maturity as a goaltender. While he may not be seasoned yet, he is definitely mature enough to backstop the Penguins throughout their playoff run. Don't get me wrong, a confident Thibault is good to have in the holster, but Fleury... Read More »

Game 1 Jitters at Ginger Hill Tavern

Posted April 12, 2007
(Please read my blog post 'Pens Playoff Fever at Slippery Rock University' first) The jitters. I know I had them after not watching Penguins playoff hockey in six years. I can only imagine what most of the players felt like... Unfortunately, their butterflies showed. I had class until 7:30, so I missed the begining. On the radio during the car ride over to the bar Mike Lange gave the shots.... Read More »
The SRU Campus is about 50 miles North of Pittsburgh, but we are Black and Gold to the core up here. Last semester was my first at SRU and I was amazed to see how far Steeler Country's boundries extended. Every week my fellow students came out with a strong showing of Steeler's gear. Ocassionally I'd spy a Penguins hat or something, but for the most part the black and gold centered around football... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames

Most Hated Teams

Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning, New Jersey Devils and last but not least the Philedelphia Flyers.

Favorite Players

Jarko Ruutu, Erik Christensen, M.A. Fleury, Jordan Staal, Evgeni Malkin and of course Sidney Crosby...Others: Mario Lemieux, Ron Francis, Jaromir Jagr, Mikka Kiprosoff Martin Brodeur, Matthew Barnaby, Darius Kasparaitis, Ulf Samuelsson, Larry Murphy.

Most Hated Players

Sean Avery, John Madden, Derrian Hatcher, Jeremy Roenick. Can I put Brian Murray and Ken Hitchcock in this box?

Best Hockey Memories

The 1992 Stanley Cup playoffs. Kasper's overtime goal. Mario's Return. The New Arena Deal.

My Hockey Teams

Fantasy Hockey: Bent-Wookie-Allstars

As a hockey player, I compare to...

Dominic Moore because he's a fiestly little player who has some talent.

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

Eklund (of course), Brian Metzer, Garth, some of the Flyers bloggers are good to.

Favorite Websites

hockeybuzz.com (of course) and tsn.ca/nhl