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Winnipeg back in the NHL?

Posted March 9, 2010
First thing I would like to do is clear the air about why the Jets left Winnipeg. I have noticed that a lot of hockey fans on this site have misinformation on why the team actually left town. In a nutshell this is why the team left town and no it wasn't poor attendance. The owner of the Jets at the time Barry Shankro was leasing the old Winnipeg arena and housing the Jets out of it. Th... Read More »

Leafs so Far

Posted October 7, 2009
So far the Maple leafs have not looked like the same team that had the impressive run in the pre-season so far. And ther is a simple reason..... Folks it's because this is not the same team not even close. By removing the line of Stahlberg-Bozak-Hanson line Ron Wilson simply has a watered down version of what he had last year. What frustrates me most right now is Burke and Wilson promise... Read More »

Kessel Trade

Posted September 12, 2009
I think that the Leafs must have some sort of agreement in place with Kessel either that or a good scoop that he wants to play for the leafs. At anytime now a rival team can offer Kessel an offer sheet and scoop the player if Boston decides to match. Remember that Charelli can not trade Kessel for a year if he has to match. This would mean Charelli would have to demote or trade one of Ryder... Read More »

Kessel and the Leafs

Posted September 9, 2009
I am worried that GM Brian Burke is going to place an offer sheet on Phil Kessel. My issue is that as well as kessel played last season I believe that much of that has to do with the fact that he was playing with Mark Savard one of the leagues top setup men. We all know what happened to Blake after he stopped playing with Yashin. Kessel also has a bad injury. Shoulder injuries have a tendency t... Read More »


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