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The Price for Iggy...

Posted March 27, 2013
The rumors of Iginla to Boston have me frightened, Iginla was traded for Joe Newendyk a franchise cornerstone player for a franchise cornerstone player. This is arguably the most important trade in Franchise history (other possibility is Theo Fluery). If the flames do not get Dougie Hamilton, or Tyler Seguin from the Bruins it is not enough. A good prospect, a secondary prospect and a late... Read More »

Comeau, Sutter, and Blowing it up

Posted November 26, 2011
First off I'm a huge fan of picking up Comeau, as Mike Rogers pointed out on the radio this afternoon the only bad season Comeau had in Bridgeport was under the current isles head coach. On the topic of coaches... I really don't know what to say about Brent, I believe he is the coach to do the job, but if the teams not listening to him somethings gotta break and their are more players the... Read More »
I was going to right earlier today about the exact same crap as before, to old lots of talent even more NTC, at the end of the day the team lives and dies with iggy. I think it can be agreed that this group of players isn't the right group to get it done, and will be together for awhile thanks to the aforementioned NTC's. I think its time to trade Iginla (gasp unthinkable) the bottom line is h... Read More »
Toronto fans know this all to well as JF Jr. put them here until possibly this past season . He's not the only one to do this Sather in New york, Nashville (arguably due to Trotz getting the most out of his players), Florida, and Edmonton (all teams which have finished in the middle of the conference but not getting a top 5 pick, consistently. Flames may enter purgatory for at least the next t... Read More »

Flames opening line up?

Posted October 4, 2010
We got a pretty good feel for what the flames will look like come Thursday Tanugay-Jokinin-Iggy Hagman-Backlund-Bourque Glencross-Mayer-for the moment Jackman Ivanans-conroy-sutter When was the last time Calgary actually had a legitimate looking to 6? Throw in a healthy Stajan and kotalik and its actually a pretty solid looking top 9. With a bottom 5 of Mayers, Sutter, Ivanans Jackman,... Read More »


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