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It's how you bounce back...

Posted October 12, 2007
Last night was what the Leafs needed. Not a blow out win, but a strong game for 60 min. That's what has killed them for the last few years. We saw this last year, games where the Leafs played their game for 60 min, they won without question. It's the games when they decided not to play for the 2nd or 3rd that killed all hope of making the playoffs. Gamache had a big game last night and he di... Read More »
Last night I was out for dinner with my parents who are in town and we heard two cheers from the Canucks' fans. So that means they scored twice. I didn't watch the game and I didn't see the highlights till I said my goodbyes and went home. Vancouver got smoked 8-2. That explains why I only heard two cheers. So here we have two Canadian teams that are well loved across the nation. Well Toron... Read More »

Relax or panic?

Posted October 10, 2007
Well that seems to be the theme right now. Depending on your point of view and who you read. Yes that was a very bad loss last night to the Canes. It was a game that I was happy to miss (maybe that's why I'm not panicking). Lets remember folks, it's really early in the season and we have seen what this team can do. As stated by many, they need to play hard every night and they let one slip.... Read More »

A home and home to end pre-season

Posted September 28, 2007
I miss seeing the Leafs play the Wings. When the Leafs moved to the east, I knew that I would see less of them but thanks to this wonderful new schedule, I never get to see those two teams play. For me, they are right up there with Leafs/Habs or Leafs/Sens games. Always good regular season games and playoff games. I hope that with the new schedule for next season, this is one of the teams... Read More »

And here we go...

Posted September 18, 2007
So tonight is the first pre season game for the Leafs against the Oilers. It should be a good game and a good test for a few players. Here is the line up that was posted by Alec Brownscombe on his blog [url]http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=9452[/url] FORWARDS: Darcy Tucker - Kyle Wellwood - Alexei Ponikarovsky Jeremy Williams - Matt Stajan - Simon Gamache Tony Salmelainen - Chad... Read More »

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