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Last night I was out for dinner with my parents who are in town and we heard two cheers from the Canucks' fans. So that means they scored twice. I didn't watch the game and I didn't see the highlights till I said my goodbyes and went home. Vancouver got smoked 8-2. That explains why I only heard two cheers.

So here we have two Canadian teams that are well loved across the nation. Well Toronto people like the Vancouver team however Vancouver people hate the Leafs. Why? I really don't know. But anyways, two teams that got blown out. 7-1 and 8-2. However it's the difference in media and fans that has really been interesting.

After talking with friends here, they are not panicking about the Canucks. They understand that it was a bad game, the team didn't play well. They can put it behind them and move on. However, I keep reading about Leafs fans that have already given up on the team, other teams fans saying that the Leafs are done for the season and so on.

To me, it's just funny. One bad game doesn't kill your season. A bunch of bad games will kill your season. One game at a time.


Tonight should be a better game. Poni is out. Gamache is in and he will be looking to make some noise. I don't expect another big hit from him but he if brings that energy he had in the pre-season then it could help spark the team. But lets face it, he needs to score, that's why he was sent down.

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