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So Ek says Ken Hitchcock is willing to do whatever it takes to get Hank and Danny out of Vancouver. Not likely to happen but it's a fun thought. But for 2 players of their calibre, St.Louis WILL have to pay pretty heavily. [u]IF[/u] it was to happen what is a fair price? I for one have loved [b]Chris Stewart's [/b]game for a long time. He fills that RW hole we have, along with that grit/... Read More »

Gillis strikes out looking...AGAIN

Posted August 22, 2013
[b]Well Canucks fans, Mike Gillis has done it again...[/b] The Montreal Canadiens were reportedly interested in one of our D-Men. (I'm gonna assume Edler or Tanev) If it WAS Edler, he had a chance to shed some salary from the back end which lets be honest, we need to do. Edler IS probably the best D-man we have...BUT we have quite a few solid guys back there and Edler would get us some good... Read More »

$4.5 Million - Who to sign?

Posted August 15, 2013
It is clear we have a couple holes on the Canucks depth chart. In my eyes we need 1 physical stay at home D-Man and 1 grinder who can score when needed to. With only $4.5 mil our options are fairly few, but I feel there is an opportunity here to get exactly who we need and stay under the cap. Now Gillis just needs to pull the trigger before they get snatched up. My take on who we need to round... Read More »

Mike Gillis' new team

Posted August 2, 2012
This is my first blog so here goes nothin' [b][u]Mike Gillis' Plan[/u][/b] I just thought I would put this down on "paper" to see what the team would look like this year if Gillis had his way over the next few weeks so here goes: SEDIN/SEDIN/BURROWS BOOTH/KESLER/DOAN HIGGINS/ARNOTT/RAYMOND OR HANSEN LAPIERRE/BJUGSTAD/KASSIAN GARRISON/EDLER BIEKSA/HAMHUIS TANEV/ALBERTS OR CONNAUTON... Read More »


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