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A blog about complaining

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As an Oilers fan, you don't get to see a lot of playoff hockey, it sucks yes, but this, Ottawa against Montreal, is a series you need to watch. Even if you are American. Apparently to Team 1200, the two refs that we reffing the game, are "The most experienced refs the NHL have." It didn't show. The refs called a total of 236 penalty minutes in the game, which is a lot, obviously. There were 9 misconducts in the game as well. But quite frankly, Montreal got the worst of it, not meaning the misconducts. A lot went uncalled for the Senators, example, Eric Condra cross-checks P.K Subban. No call.

I was listening to Team 1200 this morning, and it is so biased, as an Oilers fan I can tell that they were being biased, saying Therrien should be fired for whatever reason. I was too tired to care. And P.K Subban apparently jump Turris, but in reality Turris cheap shotted Subban. This blog is really about me complaining about Ottawa and their fans. I live in Ottawa, it’s in the news and they are too proud and it’s seriously annoying. Gryba did cheap shot Eller, “fans” are too dumb to realize that.

-Bug-Eyed Fat Walrus
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