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Derek Roy anyone?

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This is from my blog at hfboards......

"I don't know why the Rangers aren't considering this...... How about Derek Roy? The dude puts up 30 goals a year and has a set of wheels. How about this....

Rozsival, Zherdev, Anisimov, Sauer to the Sabres for Derek Roy(4 mil) and Nathan (1 mil)Paetsch. The Rags shed about $7 million and take $5 million, leaving $6million to sign an offensive dman, a defensive dman, (Babchuk, Cory Murphy= good fits) a back up goalie, and Dubinsky. Gilroy will make the team and so will MDZ or Potter. Sign Valiquette for 850G over 3 yrs and we are great"
Babchuk=1.5 mil
Murphy=1 mil

Gaborik Roy Avery
Callahan Drury Kotalik
Higgins Dubinsky Lisin
Byers Boyle Brashear

Babchuk Staal
Redden Murphy
Gilroy MDZ/Potter

King Henrik
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