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"Clarke has stated that he will forever be a Flyer... I feel the same way."
Lou Nolan for Flyers Hall of Fame , NJ • United States • 66 Years Old • Male

Mr. Snider

Posted May 23, 2010
Has there been a better 'owner' of a sports franchise in Philadelphia over the past fifty years than Mr. Snider? [i]*He had the faith in the city to learn and embrace a sport new to most of them and went out and found the backing and ignored the risks... And made it happen. *He brought in the right people and for the most part has succeeded to maintain a quality management team. *He has... Read More »
Please hear me out... This may just work: Break the AllStar Game up into a double header... from each coast. * Select an all star team from each conference from a pool of players that were not on the Conference winning team. * Select a city in each confernece -- possibly the conference championship city -- and have a game in each, in a double header format. * Have the conference winnin... Read More »
Sunday, January 11, 1976... in the height of the Cold War, and the midst of the battle for the supremacy of the Hockey World, the Soviet Army Team visited the Philadelphia Spectrum to take on the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Flyers in the final game of what was billed as 'Super Series 76'... They were undefeated, and their co-touring lesser talented team were only defeated the SC runners up Sabre... Read More »
I watched the Flyers 40th Anniversary DVD to see Ron Hextall's emotions, and have in me feelings rekindled that I had over the entire period that he was with the Flyers... That exuberance that he displayed epitomized what being a Flyer actually means... He, along with Bob Clarke, acted with the raw emotion that I would like to see in every Flyer, every game, every year. There have been others t... Read More »

Change in the Lottery System

Posted April 11, 2007
I will preface this by saying that, had the Flyers not been the worst team and yet lost out on the top pick, I would not bother to even attempt to find a better method of conducting the Draft Lottery... Also, in this case, it is no major problem in being #2 as opposed to #1. That said: I understand the reason behind the lottery... since 'tanking' games to obtain a major player in the draft is a... Read More »


July 23, 2008 6:02 PM ET | Delete
Yo, D4C... I left you a reply in your blog... sorry I'm not good in checking my blog, thus the long delay LOL... Take care, Bud.
May 6, 2008 1:37 AM ET | Delete
Lol I read your most hated teams section and I totally agree with you. What the hell is wrong with being a homer???
May 6, 2008 1:34 AM ET | Delete
Dude haven't heard from you in a long long long time. How's it been? The Flyers look like a team on a mission and it just might be their year. And in regards to your blog, that sounds like a great idea. I also think they should be playing for home ice advantage or something to force them to play
June 7, 2007 2:01 PM ET | Delete
DUDE!!! THank you so much for the congrats I really appreciate that!!! Right now...I'm just so caught up in this moment. It's so surreal and unbelievably enchanting to me. Somebody has to wake me up this is like a fantasty come true!!! Woooooo! I feeel so happy for Teeeemu man!!!
June 6, 2007 7:10 PM ET | Delete
Dude I'm so going streaking with my buds IF...and ONLY IF we manage to win tonight lol!!!!! Maybe not at the Honda Center though...
June 5, 2007 1:01 PM ET | Delete
No sweat, my friend... Sorry for the delay in responding; I was in Quebec City for a while, and I'm not too swift in checking my Blog for messages.Man what an awful time for a Ducks fan to be banned... Looks like you'll be celebrating soon w/o being able to gloat on HB (LOL)... I'd try to help, but I just escaped being banned myself when I tried to help French_Connection last month.I have been banned a couple of times, but for short periods each time... It's a real bitch; I'm addicted to HB.I'm glad to have you on my friends list and to be on yours... Don't go too crazy after the Ducks' next win.
May 26, 2007 5:06 PM ET | Delete
I got banned from the forums...DAMN! I loved posting in the three-word story thread everyday rofl. Maybe I should try to convince hockeybuzz to unban me haha. Anyways, thanx for accepting!

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Teams w/o the Flying 'P' on their sweaters... As you will see, I am a homer to the Nth degree.

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Not necessarily ranked in order of preferance... ALL TIMERS: Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent, Bill Barber, Mark Howe, Ron Hextall, Keith Primeau, Mark Recchi, Eric Desjardines, John LeClair, Jeremy Roenick, Wayne Gretzky, Peter Forsberg, Eric Lindros [of old, when not whining] and every player who ever doned the Orange and Black... CURRENT PLAYERS: Obi-Wan Knuble, Derian Hatcher, Sami Kapanen, Simon Gagne, Scotty Upshall, Shark Afanasenko, Marty Biron, Martin Brodeur. And every player now wearing the Orange and Black.

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Every player who laces them up in a game against the Flyers.

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The two Cups, Defeating the Red Army team in 1976, Game six against the Oilers in 1987, Game six against the Lightning in 2004, Hextall's two goals scored... and too many other games to mention over the forty+ years I've been attending Flyers games.

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