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Well that was much better. Again Carey Price was on top of his game, again a night with some highlight reel saves. The way this guy plays the puck is a part of his game that does not seem to get a lot of attention. Last nights game and in the game vs Toronto there was a play where he cleared that puck by shooting it at the glass by the blue line about a foot down. Tell me five goalies that can do that on the regular I know two who else. Most goalies would have put that over the glass. Every blog is turning into the Carey Price fan club so lets get to some quick hits on last nights game.

-Galchenyuk scored his first NHL goal, and what a feeling it must have been in that building to do it. Hope its one of many(this season) It turned out to be a goal of firsts first goal, Gallagher's first NHL point, and Prust's first point as a hab.

-Speaking of Gallagher this kid had some jump in him didn't mind mixing it up and looked to have fun, the whole line played good hope to see more of him

-The first line was better last night. They may not have put up a lot of numbers but looked better and its just going to be a matter of time before that get back in a grove.

-Great to see Gionta getting back to scoring regularly and Plekanec getting on the board to. Bourque looked good last night lots of speed and had some good chances.

-Markov what to say about him I'm like most of the rest of you just waiting for the injury to happen and end it all, but for now i'm just going to enjoy it 2 goals on two beauty shots the only difference I see in him now as apposed of two years ago is a little slower other than that still a GREAT player.

-Nice to see that players are not going to be pushed around with no answer this year. Gorges got hit from behind not a real bad hit but how there was no plenty I have no idea but he got up looking to see who hit him and to go after him and White was already there dealing with the problem. White got kicked out and so he should but it is good to see that team tuffness we have been hearing about since July

-Care Price has not let a even strength goal in this year enough said

-Did anyone other than Eller miss him??

So next up is Washington on Thursday night. Lets hope they can keep this rolling and get some early wins here to try to be in the hunt in a few months. More team games like last night will help. But still lots to improve on. But for now all is good in Habs land and lets focus on the positive.

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