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Habs View From The Rock : 2

Posted February 28, 2017
Well it has been a very long time since I have done this, I always have good intentions but four kids and a job kind of cut into my blogging time. But here I go again, I will try to do this once a week at least and who knows maybe some day someone will read this. Well it is a day before the trade deadline and the Habs have some work to do. Work that is going to be hard to do unless you plan on... Read More »
Well that was much better. Again Carey Price was on top of his game, again a night with some highlight reel saves. The way this guy plays the puck is a part of his game that does not seem to get a lot of attention. Last nights game and in the game vs Toronto there was a play where he cleared that puck by shooting it at the glass by the blue line about a foot down. Tell me five goalies that can do... Read More »

Game 1 More of the same

Posted January 22, 2013
'Well game one in the record books in this shortened season and its like a Gomez free 2011-2012. Carey Price was fantastic, he made some unreal saves as he usually does but as we have seen far to many times in the past he was almost the lone bright spot. The top line was completely silent and the rest of the team barley showed up. Toronto played an alright game but Montreal did not put up a whole... Read More »

I can see the straw coming.

Posted November 13, 2012
I decided to try to write a weekly blog on here just to vent my opinion. Well this is number 2 since July so I'm off to a roaring start. I wanted to get into it about the weekly games and how I was feeling about the NHL and the Habs. But here I am struggling to hold on to any kind of caring about hockey. I went from being mad at the owners, to being mad at the players to just being mad. Now I am s... Read More »

Habs view from the rock 1

Posted July 17, 2012
This summer has already dragged on to long. I love the great weather but miss hockey to much. I enjoy the CFL but it is not quite enough to get me through. So far this off season I am happy with what the Montreal Canadiens have done. The office staff is rounding out quite nice, the team is a little tougher. But being stuck with a few bad contracts is really holding them back on getting that top 6... Read More »


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