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The dominoes are falling and a series of trades are finally just around the corner for NHL fans across North America (and the world).

-The news that Peter Forsberg will NOT be returning to the NHL this season does away with a distraction that has put all General Managers on hold, as teams waited to see what Peter would do. Now that he's off the market, look for some activity to start rolling.

-Due to the fact that Rob Blake has apparently taken himself off the market, interest in the limited high-quality defensemen available this trade deadline will spike. Brian Campbell and Dan Boyle just got that much more interest as teams look to beef up for a Cup run.

-Make no mistake...The Ducks placing RW Brandon Bochevski on Waivers, and the Sharks and Canes officially putting Patrick Marleau and Rod Brind'Amour on IR today are likely set-ups for trade movement of some kind. San Jose and Carolina also clear Cap Space in their moves. I'd keep a close eye on both teams.

The chips are falling - fast - and I wouldn't be surprised if some trades are being finalized right this moment, as I write this...pending no-trade clauses being waived, approval from all parties involved, owners' consent, the league's consent, etc.

All of the above (not to mention the GM's meeting in Florida), the time couldn't be more right for deals to be made. The next several hours will be fun for us all.
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February 18, 2008 9:18 PM ET | Delete
Forsberg doesn't return - Eklund strikes out again.
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