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First off, I was at the arena tonight...Another amazing atmosphere for sure. And not the prettiest hockey game in the world (turnovers, barage of penalties in the first two periods, plenty of hits, etc.), but certainly entertaining! Here's to much more to come between these two teams!

Now..Credit goes to where credit is due. Congratulations to the Ottawa Senators on taking the ever-so-big Game 1. They were the better team tonight. They deserved this, earned it, and for it they are right where they want to be.

Ottawa played the perfect road game. They threw tons of energy at the Sabres. And the scary thing is they didn't even play their best game. I am not at all surprised by this result, nor was I surprised when they scored shorthanded or 11 seconds into their first powerplay of the game. I've seen this Ottawa team. I know them well. I know what they're capable of and tonight's result comes as no surprise because of that. This is a team that is capable of beating the Sabres. This is a team that is capable of winning the Cup.

But before any Buffalo fans jump off a bridge, there's no need to throw in the towel just yet, especially with this team here that we've seen come back from tough losses and adversity time and time again. I hate the cliche saying of "it's only one game" so I won't use that, but consider this....... If Buffalo is going to lay an egg for a home game, would you rather that come in Game 1, Game 2 (momentum totally Ott's way headed home), Game 5 (monumental game, AKA Game 5 vs Rangers), or Game 7 (lol)? Game 1 hands down. It gives us a chance to regroup immediately, to get some momentum back on our side headed to Ott, and if we can win Game 2 then we look at the situation of going for a split at Ottawa (WILL BE VERY TOUGH BUT THIS TEAM IS CAPABLE OF WINNING ON THE ROAD, JUST LIKE OTTAWA IS).

Bottom line...We have two very similar teams. This is far from over. Buffalo has a lot more fight in them. So does Ottawa though. This one will continue to be a battle..

And Buffalo is not laying down just yet.

The series has only begun.
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