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Ever since the beloved Winnipeg Jets,pulled the plug and high tailed it to the desert the city has been awaiting the arrival of a new NHL franchise. The chances of the NHL returning to Winnipeg any time in the near future is highly unlikely and here are a few reasons why>>>>>>>>>

#1: Lets first look at sports that are in Winnipeg already, the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team has been a great success story thanks to Mayor Sam Katz taking a gamble on the Northern League, however with just one championship to show for ten plus years of service the Goldeyes have jumped to a different league altogether and attendance has dipped in the last season, due to a poor product on the field

#2: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, okay so they suck, the Bombers are the laughing stock of the entire CFL, they have a crappy team that could not buy a win from the devil himself, and thus it is showing in attendance records, the biggest news to come out of the Bomber camp this year is the made a snake out of plastic beer cups, unless you count the joke of a stadium deal that has punted David Asper out of the picture all together and has been fully kidnapped by the City and Greg Silinger.

#3: The Manitoba Moose, a great AHL team that has seen lots of success due in part to the fact that they have affiliated themselves with an NHL powerhouse and this season have had few injuries and in turn have left a good Moose squad more or less intact. The Moose have a good product and it reflects in there attendence, not record breaking or anyhing but a good attendance that brings in good cash flow. Then there is the MTS centre a great venue that I have enjoyed many times my self at concerts, Moose games and yes the NHL Exhibition Classic that shows cases an NHL team preseason game yearly. It is one of the biggest venues in the American Hockey League sitting at 15,015 seats it would be on par with a number of NHL teams although arenas look twice or three times as big Anaheims Honda Centre sets at around 17,500 and they pay some big contracts.

But here is the problems in Winnipeg, it is not close to any major centre, it is more or less in the middle of a wheat field, it is a blue collar type town. There are some big money people in the city such as the Richardson famil and Asper family to name two but for the most part it is blue collar, sure they sell out the preseason classic year after year, but any body can sell out at least one game a year can Winnipeg sell out 41 games a year or even a fraction of that I have a hard time seeing it. If any team were to move to Winnipeg, case in point the Atlanta Thrashers rumors, it does not mean that they will be a success sure they are enjoying a great season this year, but if the team moves to Winnipeg some of the big names will not make an apperance at the MTS Centre, some guys will not want to move there families to Winnipeg becuase it is fridgid cold and has nothing to offer big name players. Also the highest price for a Moose ticket is at most 45.00 bucks which is on par with a lot of NHL teams, howver to sell tickets you need to put a good product on the ice, and Winnipeg is well known for bad products on the ice, the Jets will probaly never come back, you need a Championship team to survive in Winnipeg, and Manitoba capital just does not have what it takes, think long and hard about the the state of the NHL, economy and corporate sponsers before putting all the chips on NHL and the MTS Centre

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