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1st Annual Draft Update

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Well we are getting on to the New Year, and I am started my 1st Annual Draft Update, this will be a further posted year after year on this blog, and the first update is a big one with the biggest draft picks since Sid the Kid and Alexander the Great. Lets face the facts that there is a ton of pressure put on these kids when it comes to being drafted into the NHL, and once they get there we expect them to be seasoned vets, and they just aren't sometimes it a takes a year or two sometimes more for some like Jason Spezza and Marc Andre Fleury it takes a short stint in the American Hockey League before you learn the NHL game.

The 2010 Entry Draft was no different, Taylor Hall & Tyler Seguin had by far more pressure on them then any other draft as to who was going first, when the Sid the Kid was drafted we know he was going first and too Pittsburgh and so did he, we also know that John Tavares was going first and to New York, but last year it was a guess we know that Hall or Seguin could wind up in Boston or Edmonton it was up in the air until Edmonton called Hall's name.

Since that day it has been a whirl wind for Taylor, who was courted by Edmonton heavily and he was a two time Memorial Cup Champion, who hailed from the Windsor Spitfires, lets face it his production was going to go down, the National Hockey League is a whole game compared to the Ontario Hockey League, it bigger, faster and more intense and the pressure on Hall to produce was mounting. All and all Tayor Hall has more or less lived up to the expectations of central scouting and is still a clear talent even in the NHL, some writer and bloggers would disagree but a modest 19 points in 31 games is pretty good for a guy not yet used to the regirs of an NHL season. Hall will have to spend his summer putting on a little muscle to help fill out his frame, and he will have to find a good conditioning coach to help him along but lets face it he is just a kid, give a couple years he will be a force in the league, I predict a Calder Trophy in Hall's future. My grade for Hall = C+

Tyler Seguin, drafted number two in the entry draft thanks to Toronto he is playing south of the 49th instead of North like he should be, but I'm not bitter. Tyler has a long way to go to live up to his days of netting 106 points a season like he did as a Plymouth Whaler, but he just as Hall is learning a new faster pace game, that is twice as hard to get used too, I am not saying that he should be dropped to the spoked P's or anything he is a good fit in Boston and has lots of good teachers around him Milan Lucic, Zden Chara to name a few, at 11 points in 30 games he is scoring just 36.6% of the time which is still a soild performance and a he will be a Calder Trophy contender for sure. My grade for Seguin = C+

Cam Fowler, the Anaheim rookie out of the Windsor Spitfire camp for some reason was picked 12th overall, not a horrible pick but I am surprised he is not in Florida, central scouting has there picks I have mine Cam could have even pushed as high as second pick overall, just making my voice heard. Fowler has been pretty soild on the Anaheim blueline the 6 foot 199 pound Fowler is sitting pretty with 17 points in 30 games this season which is a point in 56.6 percent of his games. I beleive that Fowler may have a long carrer as a Duck, they have a soild D, that will only get better with time, it could be a very hard pick for a Calder Trophy this year. My grade for Cam Fowler is =B-

The 2010 entry draft seen alot of talent come into the league, some players have been pushed back down to there junior clubs hence Brayden Schenn, some are playing in the American Hockey League, a few a playing in the National Hockey League, fact of the matter is all of the players draft have no reason to be ashamed of where they play they have all done great and best of luck in the future.

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