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Burkes Blunder

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Well things in LEaf Nation are not any better then they were last year, perhaps Burke is still trying to clean up his blunders and the remains blunders left over from Fergie. Burke has done so far what he can to try and help the Leafs win some more games, he has upgraded the blue line and the goaltending, he has dealt player and got players and yes he has dealt draft picks. But lets not pick on the guy hes not that bad. There are a few things that Burke needs to clean up before the Leafs fade to black. First things first

Tomas Kaberle - Okay so don;t hang me just yet, I realize the guy has talent, sure he only has 17 points to show for the season, but last year he had a modest 49 points pretty good for a Toronto blue liner, but lets also face that fact that MLSE is paying the guy 4.2 million a year and he is not producing the numbers a player of his caliber and yes say structure that Kaberle is getting. Sure he has been aked to wiave his no trade clause but still hasn't. Toronto has to move him ASAP, before they lose him to another team in the very near future for nothing, get him to waive his no trade clasue. There are a number of playoffbound teams that get pick Kaberle up for the playoffs and use him as possibly a second line Dman but he is no longer first line caliber. Atlanta could use a Kaberle type player during a hot season like they have been having send Tobias Enstrom to Toronto he is a lower cap hit at 3.75 Million per season put Kaberle on a line with Brent Sopel call it a day, but mark my words Kaberle is finished in T.O.

Jonas Gustavsson - Send him back to where he came from the Monster or as I like to call him the Munster, is not worth the 1.3 Million he is taking up under the Maple Leafs salary cap, he is not as good as he was toted to be, he is lame and well make a better burger flipper then he ever will as a back stopper. Jonas is too young for the pressure that the Leafs and the fans put on him, he is not ready to be a number two goalie in the NHL and should be donning a Marlies jersey if anything. If I were burke I would send him down to the Marlies and call up......... oh wait Burke send Pogge to Anaheim and has nobody in the marlies either.

Colby Armstrong - Okay so lets trade Armstrong to anywhere, no way would I offer Armstrong 3 million a season first of all, second of all I would not have spent time drawing up a deal. Armstrong is only known in the NHL because he spent a season or two playing with Sid the Kid. Other then that he is a nobody. Armstrong can move the puck and sometimes create plays but, he cant stay off the IR long enough to be effective and this should be traded off and the should try and trade him for draft picks cause lets face it, we are going to picking high again this year. Colby would fit nicely into a system like Calgary, in return we could get Stajan back and possibly pick up a Brendan Morrison type player in return. Just a though burkie, let it marinate and see what happens.

Last but not least, Burke needs to stop sending draft picks out and start call some back, I mean I love Phil Kessel in a Leafs uniform, he has been great for the team and has done great in the city of Toronto, but really we gave up Seguin for Kessel, not the best move, oh and before that we also gave up Tuka Rask you remember him the goalie that unseating Tim Thomas as the number one for the B's. Burke is doing a average C job in Toronto but he has a long way to go to built a contender for Lord Stanley's mug.

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