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The New Jersey Devils, NHL powerhouse and dynasty, are going to move into the doghouse and become a dud-nasty if they keep going the way they are going. The Devils have the greatest golatender to possibly stand in an NHL crease in Martin Brodeur, they have veterns all through the line up and have one of the most powerful General Managers in hockey, but yet there the Devils sit on the ice of the Prudential Center looking up at three Stanley Cup Championship banners wondering what went wrong.

Lou Lemerello the Devils GM, said that he will make no changes to the Devils or the roster. Let me tell you something Lou, you may not have a choice. When you are the GM of a team that has always been at the top of there A game and all of a sudden you are sitting in 14th spot in the Eastern Conference two points ahead of the New York Islanders, there needs to changes, when the New Jersey fans expect greatness out there hockey team and you are sitting 18 points out of the playoffs you can not just sit around and not make changes. Are Devils just going to toss the season to the dogs in hopes of getting a high draft pick, just because it worked in Pitssburgh does not mean it will happen in New Jersey.

The Devils are sitting on the line for a Salary Cap they have made some stupid choices in the last couple of years, when you get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round and you come back the following season some changes need to be made but when your main concern is siging Ilya Kovalchuck for 6.6 million a year give your head a shake Lou, Ilya is a good player I will give that much, but he is not going to win Stanlay Cups alone, you have a blue line that much past the first stinger of Anton Volchenkov and Henrik Tallinder you got nobodies that are not doing there jobs. Two D-men and Ilya partnered with Martin is not the answer, since the day when Ken Daneko and Scott Stevens retired the blue line has been flat.

Goaltending is a key part of any team and the Devils are no different, sure they have number 30, the all time leader in Shut Outs and a 3 Time Stanley Cup Champion, but this year when your making 5.2 Million per season and your getting pulled after allowing 4 goals on 15 shots, and your out all the time with an elbow injury the devils need to look past Brodeur and they need to find another goalie for the future MArtin is getting younger, he is not the pure breed goalie of the NHL any more he is looking to take it home.

If Lou and the rest of his coaching staff want tobe a part of the NHL in 2011-12 season they need a major major face lift and they need to make a youth movement like other teams are doing, mix up your vets with new guys and we will see the Devils hoist a Stanley Cup in the furture.
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