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"The egg came before the chicken, so you must listen"
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I sat there last night watching the MLB all-star game (damn you NHL offseason lull!), and I realized that most of the MLB analysts had the same opinion as hockey analysts did earlier in the year about the NHL all-star game. There was no passion, this game has no meaning, what are we doing here? I even heard one analyst say that when he was a kid he absolutely loved watching the all-star game, but now it doesn't feel the same. So that makes it automatically boring because you no longer like it? It's for the kids! Young children are now feeling that passion that you once had about an all-star game, and you want to take that away from them? A little selfish don't you think? The all-star game is all about showcasing the talent of the league in question for the kids! Who cares if the adults don't think it's "exciting" enough, don't watch it! I can vividly remember getting all excited as a kid in preparation for the all-star game, and remember how in awe I was when Owen Nolan called his shot on the Dominator. That to me, was the greatest game ever. Now that I look back, I see it meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, but man was it ever great when I was younger. That's what I think people need to remember, the all-star game isn't for you, it's for the kids. There is also the question about injuries and people not wanting to play, but if players just play cleanly and don't do anything stupid then it should be fine. The game doesn't need to be hard hitting for it to be exciting for the kids. So please people, stop ragging on all-star games, as children absolutely love them, and they don't deserve to have that joy of watching their favourite stars all in one game taken away from them.
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