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This blog is for those of you who don't follow hockey all that much but have decided to watch some playoff hockey and you want to know the best games that are out there to watch this round. I'm gonna give you my suggestions of games to watch from the east and west, whichever side you're on. The games I post will be the most intriguing ones I think are out there out there.

East: Pittsburgh Vs Ottawa

Two high flying teams that love to score. Pens goalie M-A Fleury is still young and not at his full potential yet, but his extremely fun to watch. Two teams already angry at eachother after the Pens Colby Armstrong knocked out the Sens Patrick Eaves with a huge hit in game 3. Series is 2-1 Sens so far.

West: Nashville Vs San Jose

Another case of teams who don't play the trap and love to score. Nashville picked up Peter Forsberg at the trading deadline from the Philadelphia Flyers, and he's a future HOFer, so try to watch while you can. Sharks are a highly skilled team with last years MVP Joe Thornton. Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov is also a fun guy to watch, he's not a butterfly style like you see mostly now, but rather, he's a stand-up classic style goaltender like Marty Brodeur. The series should finish out nicely. Sharks are up 2 game to 1.

Honourable Mentions: BUF Vs NYI (Turning into a great story) and VAN Vs DAL (VAN and DAL aren't two high scoring teams but you can't beat a goaltending battle as good as Turco and Luongo)

Go Devs!
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