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I know it may seem like I'm ragging on the Flyers, but it's kind of hard to ignore it when they are getting a suspension handed down every other game. The newest culprit: Riley Cote for his head-shot on Matt Niskanen of the Dallas Stars two days ago. Now I haven't seen it yet, so I'm not gonna BS my way through this, telling you how dirty of a hit it was. It was obviously bad enough to merit a 3-game suspension, because that is exactly what he got. My question is, "What is Gary Bettman waiting for?". Stick it to these guys already! Five suspensions already and we're not even half-way through the year. It's not like they haven't been warned yet, and these suspensions obviously aren't stopping them. Hit them where it hurts, either the pocketbook or the scoreboard. That's right, I'm suggesting that after a certain amount of suspensions the league should start to take away points from the team. Losing a goon for 3 or 4 games isn't punishment enough for the team, so the only plausible way we can rid the game of these cheap shots is to start taking away points after a certain amount of suspensions. Now we play the waiting game until the next Flyers suspension. What's the over-under on Ben Eager being next?

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December 3, 2007 6:07 PM ET | Delete
It wouldnt be an over/under if you are betting on Eager being next, unless you are saying over/under on how many games til his suspension. Point 2...you are blogging about a hit that you haven't even seen yet???seems logical.. And your taking away points plan, is just too humorous to debate with you.
December 3, 2007 6:13 PM ET | Delete
It's in the news, why can't I blog about it? I never talk about the actual hit, more about the suspensions in general. Something drastic needs to be done to end head shots, that's been apparent for a while now. If the league chooses to sit back, then nothing will change. Taking points away would make them think twice before running a guy from behind because you may be hurting your team more than the guy you're hitting. What's so crazy about that?
December 3, 2007 6:57 PM ET | Delete
yea but how many suspensions weren't handed down this year when they should have been? way too many. when you put out an effort to eliminate something, head shots in this case, you are going to have a setback in which the crime will be broken several times and at a high rate before people realize the severity of the situation. When you have no consistency on top of that, its a never ending cycle. This is not an excuse for the Flyers suspensions, but it is an attack at the lack of consistency with the suspensions handed down.
December 3, 2007 7:01 PM ET | Delete
You really should be completely informed before you comment on a situation. Obviously, your biased and have not made an objective statement. Not that I don't think Cote deserves it, he does. But to punish a team for the actions of a player, or players, by taking points away from them, would greatly degrade the game itself. There two points up for grab every game, sometimes more. It would greatly skew the standings.
December 3, 2007 7:27 PM ET | Delete
Is giving a player a penalty not punishing the team as well?
December 3, 2007 8:06 PM ET | Delete
Maybe the NHL should be a little more consistent in handing out suspensions. Scott Parker, Andy Sutton, Jordin Tootoo, Craig Weller have all done suspendable things as bad as anything the Flyers suspendees have done. Yet not one of them has been suspended.
December 3, 2007 10:37 PM ET | Delete
clearly an uninformed moran who felt the need to just take a shot at the Flyers. What else is new.
December 4, 2007 11:59 AM ET | Delete
Flyer Bashing Again? Dont blame the team that is "BACK WITH A VENGEANCE", as a player will do only what the rules and suspensions will allow him to do. Anyone that plays hockey understands it is a unique experience, and it is unlike any other game in the light that it is so easy to act on impulse. Cheap shots, fights, and the penalties that are associated with them are all built into the pro hockey model. I dont like the attempt to injure calls because they are too subjective. Why isnt a fighting penalty classified as an attempt to injure? Last time I was in a fight it wasnt to bloody my own knuckles, it was to bloody my opponent! Sounds to me the Bullies are Back and if you dont like it, I reccommend a ticket to the ice capades!
December 4, 2007 6:26 PM ET | Delete
For the guy who wrote this article, instead of bashing the Flyers stupid play, why not focus on head shots that haven't been punished? If you really want to get rid of head shots, which you said, you should focus on all of them--the ones that are reprimanded, and the ones that are not.
December 5, 2007 3:01 PM ET | Delete
Who saw this coming???
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