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Let me begin this post by congratulating our very own Michael Grabner on his stellar performance this evening in Carolina. I don't think anyone is shocked by the outcome and like I have said a million times before, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

To catch up a little bit, I know I am a few days behind but the blog went live last night so I wanna address some recent headlines in Islander country. Fantastic job locking up Moulson for the next 3 seasons. This just proves the Islanders aren't gun shy when it comes to signing people, they are just very selective.....As they should be!!! Looking forward to 3 more years of Matty on the Island.

As for Nabakov....In my opinion he is a jer-kov.

The Isles are catching way too much heat for their waiver claim on this guy. Kudos to Mr. Snow for trying to better his team. Shame on everyone who has something negative to say about it. From what I have read 5 or 6 other teams also put a claim in on him. Every time the Islanders make a move people call for the league to step in. The accusations were flying when they traded Roloson. So here they are trying to grab someone solid and again the haters run their mouths. I am just curious what the feedback would have been if:

A) They didn't make an attempt at grabbing him.
B) If another non-playoff contender ended up landing this guy.

Has anyone called for the league to step in for this one? Didn't think so.

Shame on him for not reporting. My heart breaks for this guy. He is a playoff choke artist. He demanded too much money as a free agent, so after receiving no offers ran off to Russia only to suck wind there and have his contract torn up. He comes back to the NHL expecting to play for a contender. Really? In my opinion, if he wanted to play for a contender so badly wouldn't it have made sense to sign in the off season with a club you believe will compete for a Stanley cup?

If this guy had half a brain he would have come out here to play. Lets face it, if he wins here he is a hero that can write his own ticket anywhere and if he loses he has the NHL's most acceptable scapegoat, that being playing for the Islanders.

In an era where "stars" believe they are above the rules, I offer a huge thanks to management for putting him in his place and not allowing this club to be disrespected. Consequences, gotta love 'em.

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