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What an ending!!!!

I am ALMOST at a loss for words right now. 2 months ago this would have been another loss however this new and improved version of the Islanders continues to shock and awe people.

Michael "The Rocket" Grabner scored AGAIN and Josh Bailey notched his first goal in 20+ games.

This team continues to amaze me. I can't say I am all that surprised however I never imagined this. The chemistry is flowing and they just get better and better with every game they play together.

I don't remember the statistics but their record when giving up the first goal was horrible and now it is nothing more than a minor speed bump on the road to success. This is just the start of it people.

When the game began they were a bit sloppy especially on the power play but then hung in there and pulled out the W.

I wanna thank the Pittsburgh Penguins. I said last Friday that the fight filled game would bring these guys closer together. It really woke them up and now there is no stopping them. Screw the $100k fine, forget about the suspensions. It was all worth it. They went from a team to a family with every punch they landed.

Now that teams know the Islanders won't be their punching bags it allows them the opportunity to to focus on scoring and winning. If need be, they will kick your ass too.

I will be attending the game Thursday against Boston. I am actually going with a DIE HARD Bruins fan and I would love nothing more then to see them once again WIN. I would take personal pleasure in rubbing it in his face.

When I used to speak to people about going to the games the most common answer was why should I pay to watch them lose. Well guess what, they aren't losing anymore and they deserve a full house on Thursday. The Bruins are no Penguins so it will be a tough game. They need our support. On the website they are offering $20 tickets I believe. I think we can all swing that. Be there. Support them. Show them that you believe in them. I will post my seats tomorrow and feel free to introduce yourself at the game.

You asked for a good team and now you have one. What more can you ask for (besides a cup, but thats coming soon enough).

See you ALL Thursday

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read my blog, add me
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Interesting take. My brother was pretty upset when Gillis let Grabs go in the Ballard deal. At this point its looking like a foolish move..for both the Canucks and the Panthers! I like it when teams with history win games and become relivant. I really hope it continues this season. Check out my latest at http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=10833
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i guess when your the 3rd worst team in the league its the small shootout victories over the second worst team in the league that mean the most
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I love the Isles, but I think you might be blowing this out of proportion a little bit.A cup with this line-up?With this coach? The team is showing great chemistry, but until they get that good veteran presence and deal with DP and his refusal to do anything that does'nt serve his own purpose the team is going to get stuck.Enjoy the present but you might want to slow down on the cup victory.
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You are way to excited....
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Im good with this excitement. So what, the Isles are STILL rebuilding...but if he sees hope that's great. I was giddy about small victories of the Blackhawks in 2007 and 2008...two years later? Stanley Cup. The same thing can happen on the Isle. The franchise needs to really start investing in their good young players and this franchise will be back...it'll be good for hockey.
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You mean you have a wantabe team. Good luck on that cup thing in 50 years.HA HA
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"I am ALMOST at a loss for words right now."...we can only hope...just kidding. Honestly, I would like to see the Isles get back to being a franchise that gets more respect. I used to watch them in the early 80's...they were the first team, beside the Pens, that I followed with any interest.
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I'm glad to see an Isles team with a newfound self respect. Their recent sucess is the best argument against Mario's comments. There IS a place for fighting. Maybe not for the dirty fighting that did ensue and was punished, but the kind that energizes a team, the kind that lets a team walk through fire and come out together on the other end. And while I think Snow is still embarassing himself with Nabokov, the team is finally standing togther and it's very cool.
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Ya except that Yashin is still the Islanders best player on the payroll...
February 17, 2011 3:49 PM ET | Delete
lol @ all the haters on this thing. why are you even reading? get a life penguin fans.
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