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So after listening to all the feedback from last nights game I have thought long and hard about what I would say on here today.

I realize a little extra caution is necessary since I am the new kid on the block. So allow me to express my opinion and not use a single vulgar word in the process.......this time.

I am as big of an Islanders fan as anyone out there. I am an advocate for this team. While many people see this team strictly in terms of wins and losses, I am able to see beyond that. I see a bright future for these guys and I see it lasting a long time.

So last night after another disappointing loss I do what I always do and lay my head back and stare at my mental picture of the future. The pictures up there are great:

"Tavares picks up ANOTHER 5 points tonight"

"KO, KO'd them tonight to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals"

" Grabner nets his 12nd straight HAT TRICK"

Obviously I'm exaggerating with these headlines but its my dream so I will do as I please!

Then as I glaze over this mental picture I keep hitting this DAMN eye sore. Rick DiPietro!!

He has talent. No question about it. Back in his younger days we would all watch him play with such hope. ANYONE you spoke with told you of the promise DP had, if only "he could just stay in the net."

Dee Karl wrote a blog this morning http://7thwoman.blogspot....s-of-being-isles-fan.html . In one sentence I think she expressed the feeling of every Islanders fan out there, "Rick, I love ya, but you're not a forward. Your job is to STAY IN THE NET. You see that painted half circle. That's yours. Stay there."

DP still doesn't get it after all this time which leads me to believe he never will. We have a good thing developing in Poulin. He earned this shot. Looks to me like the guys play harder when he gets it.

Check out the rest of my blog http://nyi247.blogspot.co...s-might-sting-little.html

There is also a video of the fight on there.

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February 3, 2011 8:33 PM ET | Delete
When DP was drafted he said "I will never change my approach (to the game). You can look it up. Billy Smith likes DP but has been quoted as saying "He is uncoachable."
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