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Buffalo, NY • United States • 32 Years Old • Male
First and foremost I would like to start out by saying that I attended the New York Yankees/Toronto Blue Jays game last night in Toronto. I am more and more amazing by how incredible Toronto is everytime I travel up north. The people of Toronto are very friendly and helpful if need be and I Thank You Torontonians. (Torontonians sounded good so I went with it)

Last week I wrote a blog talking about the Greatest game you have ever been to. I loved all your feed back and responses. Those were all great games and memories for you to hold on to for a long time. Now its time to talk about the Hockey memories that gave you the most heartache throughout your time as a fan of your respected teams.

What was the most heartbreaking game you have ever been to?

Here is mine:

As a life long Buffalo Sabres fan I have had the priviledge to attend many Sabres games at the Memorial Auditorium and The HSBC arena. I have been able to see some great Hockey action throughout the years and some games that will last in my memory for a long time. Luckily enough, I have not attended many games that ended in heartache until this past season...

2007 Eastern Conference Finals Game 5 vs The Ottawa Senators.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on May 19th 2007 in Downtown Buffalo. The Sabres had just hung on to their playoff lives by winning a 3-2 contest in Ottawa at game 4 a couple nights prior. The Sabres faithful had no doubt in their minds that this special group of Hockey talent were going to be only the third team in NHL history to come back after being down 3 games to 0.

I work roughly 10 blocks away from the HSBC arena and decided to go into work early saturday morning for some OT before heading down and meeting my friend for game 5. I had plenty of work to do but I could not focus as just a few blocks away their was a party in the plaza taking place and I felt like I had to be apart of it. I walk out of my office building and turn to my right, all I see is the top of the arena and the big white letters that read HSBC ARENA. I dont even think twice and instead of getting in my car to park closer, I begin to walk down Washington Avenue.

I am almost in front of the HSBC arena (Which was a much longer walk then expected) and I can finally hear a band playing and fans cheering. The Party in the Plaza had already begun. For those who dont know, The party in the plaza takes place outside the arena roughly 2 and a half hours before game time. The band begins to play the Goo Goo Dolls song "Better Days" which is also the song used during the Sabres montage at the beginning of games. You cant help but sing along with everyone which gives you goose bumps.

My friend finally meets up with me and we decide to go in and get to our seats. We get to our seats in the 300 level and though its a bit early you still cant help but feel the electricity in the air. "Lets Go Sabres" chants are being started along with a few Senators fans shouting "Go Sens Go" which in turn makes Buffalo fans get that much louder. I know its getting closer to game time because I cant even think about a bite to eat or getting something to drink cause my stomach starts going in knots as if I was actually going to be playing in the game.

It was a scoreless 1st period with shots even at 7. Both teams were waiting for the other to make a mistake and then capitalize on that mistake by putting it in the back of the net. The first mistake was made by Ottawa as Ray Emery couldnt clear the puck and Jochen Hecht buried a back hand chance 4:30 into the 2nd period to give the Sabres a 1-0 lead. The HSBC arena was shaking to its foundation. It stayed that way until the last 5 minutes of the period when Dany Heatley tied the game at 15:41 and Jason Spezza gave the Senators the lead on a 2 on 1 break late in the second period with only 19 seconds left.

During the 2nd intermission you could almost hear a pin drop as the Sens had the lead and momentum going into the 3rd period. The Sens had the game almost in the bag until penalties started to hurt them. At 8:55 Volchenkov took a 2 min tripping call followed by Schubert with a slashing call at 9:25 of the final frame to give Buffalo a 2 man advantage. Though Buffalo's powerplay had been non existent, they had to capitalize on this opportunity.

The face off is won by Buffalo and eventually the puck goes to Tim Connolly at the point in which he skates up and lets it rip. The puck bounces off of Wade Reddens glove and hits Co-Captain Chris Drury in the face. A silent hush goes over the crowd and the trainers come rushing onto the ice to check out the fallen leader. He is not down for more then split seconds before he pops back up and is taken to the locker room.

As the first powerplay expired, Al Kotalik took a rocket of a shot from the point in which went wide. Thomas Vanek then takes the puck and trys to gun it in short side to which Danny Briere turns around and hits the left goal post. Standing and waiting with a wide open net is Maxim Afinogenov who burys the puck into the net at 10:58 of the third to tie the game at 2. All momentum is back on Buffalo's side.

With roughly 3 minutes to go Thomas Vanek comes in on goal and while in front of the net puts the puck into the net to give Buffalo a 3-2 lead....wait a minute....Mike Comrie "skates" into the goal post and knocks off the net to which caused a delay of game penalty turning out to be the smartest play Comrie made all series.

The play goes to Overtime...score is tied at 2 and the fans are starting to get restless. The jumbotron shows the Sabres bench and the only Sabre on the screen is #23 Chris Drury. With a helmet protecting his jaw, Drury is back and the fans give a standing ovation to applaud the efforts of our Co-Captain which also gives the Sabres some much needed momentum back as the Sens had owned the OT session to that point.

The other Sabre highlight of the overtime period was a save made by Ryan Miller. I will still never understand how Jason Spezza did not score. diving across the wide open net and robbing a point blank shot from Spezza....INCREDIBLE. Inside the arena we all thought it was going to review and that it was in. With the return of Drury and the save by Miller, there is no way we are going to lose right?

How Ironic is it that a year ago Jason Pominville comes in short handed goes around Alfie and beats Emery to advance the Sabres to the ECF and a year later Daniel Alfredson comes in 1 on 3 and takes a shot that looked saveable and beats Ryan Miller to advance the Sens to their first ever Stanley Cup Final. Revenge is sweet and sometimes bitter sweet.

The expectation of the 06/07 Buffalo Sabres was nothing short of a Stanley Cup victory and to be ousted in the ECF to the hated Senators hurt. Still, not 30 seconds after Alfie scores do us Sabre fans give a standing ovation for our boys for an incredible season.

I hope you enjoyed!!!
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I know it says game ive been to, but i havent been to any sad games really except when i was 8 and my soccer team lost in a shootout and i was the goalie. The saddest game I have ever watched had to be game 6- Leafs vs Canes. Only game I have ever shedded a tear for. "Dont talk tell me about heart and dedication and resilience" Joe Bowen said it best.
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I'm not able to afford very many Leaf tickets, but luckily for me, most of the games I've been too (let's say 8 over the past two years) have been of the winning variety. I'm glad you mentioned the Blue Jays in the first sentence though!Early this season, the Jays were thought of as a contender, and at that point were neck and neck with the Red Sox for the AL East lead. We were facing the old rival Detroit Tigers, and the SkyDome (you heard me) was rocking with fans of both teams going at it. Back and forth the whole game, Lyle Overbay hit a solo HR in the 8th to put the Jays up by one. In the 9th, B.J. Ryan the All-Star closer comes to the mound to finish off the game. Unfortunatley, this would the game where his arm kerplodes and allows 4 runs. The Detroit fans in the vicinity go nuts as the Tigers take it. The next day, Ryan is put on the DL, eventually to be told his season is over two weeks after it starts. The season goes into a downward spiral from there on.
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2000, 1st round, Blues vs San Jose, Game 7
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1994 1st Round Canucks at Flames Game 7. I have never been so nervous for an overtime game. I think it was because the Flames had blown a 3-1 series lead and most flames fans after game four that our playoff drought was over. I remember chances at both ends and will never forget the 3 on 1 the flames had where McClean robbed Reichel by stacking the pads. When I saw Bure go in alone I knew it was over. It happened so fast, I couldn't believe it was onside. What a heartbraker, especially since the Canucks would go right to the final.
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Theres been a few. Clint malarchuk getting his throat sliced. NYI beeting the devils kicking the leafs out. And the canes kicking the leafs out.
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Jimmer, a Rangers fan, one of the most heartbreaking games I have ever been was Game Five of this years Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against your very own Buffalo Sabres. When Straka scored with 3 minutes left, I began to think that the Rangers could actually win the series, which until that point I hadn't allowed myself to believe. I literally felt ill when Drury scored with 7 seconds left to tie the game, and pretty much knew that the Sabres would win in overtime and go on to win the series.The Sabres fans around us were actually a really cool group, and with a few exceptions, we were actually treated well by Buffalo fans.On a non-hockey related note, I went to the University of Michigan an attended the game when Kordell Stewart threw a 72 yard hail mary to Michael Westbrook with no time left. That is the sickest feeling I have ever had in any sport.
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1995 Flyers Devils Conference Finals Game 5. That was the cup final for all intents and purposes and the Flyers lost the first two at home then won two in the swamp before coming home for game 5. Lemeuix scores from the blue line past Hextall and the Flyers lose all three at home before losing game 6 in Jersey. I can still see that shot and the net bulge. My friend and I ended up getting into a fight with a bus full of Devils fans. Yes two guys can fight a bus if you occupy the aisle. I still have a ripped Devils hat hanging in my living room. Then, after dodging philly's finest, I had to go pay my deposit for my season tickets for next year and was rudely pushed aside by Ed Snider as he left the building. Hated him ever since.
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I've only been privileged to go to 1 Leafs game in my life, and it was a suckass game. It was against Carolina. I was real excited, because I thought to my self, I was getting to see Francis before he retires blah blah. Real cool. Later to find out he gets traded to the Leafs a few weeks later.. pfft. Anyway, Frost announces that Williams is scratched because of an injury. Low and behold, the jerk plays and ends up scoring the game winner. It was a great experience, but broke my heart that my first game was a loss.
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2 and some minutes to go. Game 7 of the ECF against the Devils. Brodeur shuts the door, Langenbrunner scores. The Devils have little problems with the then young Anaheim Mighty Ducks. I keep looking back on that as the biggest wasted opportunity. I thought I was gonna launch on the long walk back to the car.
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game 7 tb vs cal 04 final
August 8, 2007 8:52 PM ET | Delete
Brandon losing in 5 games in the 04/05 WHL finals.
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Leafs, Blues. I went to go see Gilmour. The Leafs lost 6-1. My only game at the Gardens, wasn't the most fun.
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This one was only a regular season game but it was so disapointing... It was the 05-06 season at the Corel Centre (i think it was still called that at this ppoint) and the Sens were playing the dreadful Florida Panthers (whom Roberto Luongo was still playing for). The Sens were blown out in the first two periods and were down 3 goals going into the third even though they were outshooting Florida by a heavy total, Luongo was outstanding. The sens mounted an amazing comeback and were down by a 5-4 with 4 seconds left. They pulled the goalie and Spezza won a faceoff back to Alfie and he ripped it while falling down to his knees. He scored and the place exploded, didnt even look at the net, he simply heard the crowds reaction and was surrounded by his linemates. The game went to a 5 minute overtime in which Ottawa dominated while Luongo continued to make ridiculous saves. Then a sens fans worst nightmare came out of hell from the past. Joe Nieuendyk cam down the wing and let a weak shot go on goal from close to the blueline..... o god the horrible memories.... Mike Morrison was in goal that nigt giving Sugar RAY the night off after Hasek went down... He sadly was not up to the task of a routine sanve and the Panthers won the game. The final shot count was sometihng ridiculous like 27 to 52 for the sens but Morrison was terrible and Luongo made some incredible saves despite being hun out to dry by his team.
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504heater i remember that game too very stressful times during the series even though i was on the winning side (not trying to rub it in). we didn't have little probelms of the ducks, those problems were of decent size. that series defined home ice advantage and seeing brodeur give up the goal where the puck somehow wandered through the pads into the net, losing two games in OT on a defensize zone faceoff and then stevens knocks out kariya and then he comes back. my memory is a bit rusty but for the most part i think that the thing that stuck in my mind the best was the idiot who said he would marry his girlfriend if the ducks won the cup.
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Game 6, Leafs vs. Canes, 2002 ECF. After being saddened by being down 1-0, and seeing the Leafs Cup hopes dwindling, a beacon of hope shined through as Mats Sundin scored with less than 20 seconds left, forcing OT. In the OT, however, the emotional roller coaster was completed, as Martin Gelinas ended the Leafs season by putting one past Cujo. As I saw the Canes players (and ironically enough, the man who would later become our coach, Paul Maurice) celebrate the win, I just sat there in shock. It was all over. I couldn't believe it.
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2000 Western Conference Finals...my Avs lose for the second straight year in game 7 of the WCF against Belfour and the Stars. Ray Bourque showed uncertainty that he would come back the next year and finally get his Cup. Luckily he did, and the rest, as the say, is history
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For me, attending the Isles clinching victory against the Caps in 1993. Turgeon (who was a hockey god that year) scores a goal to make it 5-2, and then Dale Hunter blindsides him changing his career forever. The atmosphere was so jubilant only to change to extreme anger and disbelief. There was no way we could beat the Habs without the best player in the NHL that year. Heartbreaking
August 9, 2007 1:12 PM ET | Delete
104shutout: That was a series to remember for sure. We should have been dead way earlier (I think we were down 3-1), but yeah, as I remember the Ducks took you to 7. Still, you know what I mean when I say wasted opportunity. :(
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in 2004 Calgary came back down 4-0 to the canucks to tie in last minutes only to lose in the 3 rd O.T. This is tied with the flames loss in 04 to Tampa, closest I came to crying as a grown man!!
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There is no doubt in my mind, the most intense, amazing and sadly disappointing game that i attended in my life was May 4 2000. Keith Primeau scores in the 5th OT to beat the pens 2-1
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Mine is very bitter sweet and heartbreaking before it ever started. Thrashers Opening Night 3 days after Dan Snyder died. They showed a tribute video, played amazing grace on bag pipes. It just hit home how my favorite guy to root for wasn't going to skate out. The sweet part was that Atlanta came back to win 2-1, and win our first home opener ever. Chris Tamer with the game winner. Boy that was an emotional game though
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Brad Park OT goal, game 7, Sabres vs. Bruins... still makes my stomach twist....... UUGGGHHHHH!!!!!
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