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Who will the Wings add?

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The wings are rolling over opponents, after losing the first two on a four game west coast trip, Jimmy Howard said the players rededicated themselves to playing tougher, the results? Seven wins in a row. Nonetheless, the Wings are a little short on the outside, Hudler has been Hudler, Cleary is way off his game, Bert and Homer are showing their age, Abdelkader isnt developing, Eaves was doing nothing then got hurt. Really,on the outside on Franzen is providing offense,we need another sniper badly.
That said, while a Bobby Ryan would be amazing he likely wont be dealt and the price would be too high. Semin is overpaid and underperforming, there is a reason Penner could be had for a bag of peanuts. Alfredsson is a favorite of mine, but it reminds me too much of the signing of the ghost of Modano. I think he could help win the cup, but he could be a non factor.
How about Drew Stafford? He amkes only 4 million a season, is 26, scored 31 inn 66 games last year and is off to a horrid start this season. He could probably be had for Abdelkader and either a prospect, a pickor Kindl. He has been known to take a few shifts off but with the Wings eethic could be a great fit.
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